When this woman didn’t respond to an eve-teaser, look what he did!

This is crazy! 20-year-old Lawrence woman stabbed while out for a walk, police said. The woman told officers she was stabbed by an unknown man near the intersection of Bob Billings Parkway and Inverness Drive, said Lawrence Police Sgt. Laurie Powell. The incident was reported to police at 12:46 a.m. and a total of six officers responded to the scene, according to Lawrence Police Department activity logs. Woman quotes: “We live in a sick sick world! I went for a walk around midnight, just to clear my head, and I saw a guy in the distance who said “Hey, nice legs!” I turned around to walk home, and he started following me, shouting “Hey! I said something to you!” and “I gave you a compliment!” 14021487_10209538866175709_3181414434726827806_n (1) He caught up to me, pushed me up against a telephone pole, pulled out a Swiss Army Knife, said “Didn’t your mom teach you to thank someone when they compliment you?”, stuck the knife in my leg, said “I guess your legs aren’t so great now”, and ran off. I was just attacked and stabbed for not accepting a stranger’s compliment, and people still say feminism is a joke. Society needs to wake the fuck up, because I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. You never know until it happens to you.”   via Taylor McTague

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