5 reasons why women should embrace the label of being a ‘bitch’

5 reasons why women should embrace the label of being a ‘bitch’

Time and again, women have been called demeaning names especially when they revolted and took a stand for themselves, rather than plainly fitting themselves into the pre-existing societal stereotypes. The society chooses to discourage women and brand them with derogatory labels when they decide to trigger those in charge by merely upholding their worth in a household, workplace and society. 

Sadly, for women, it’s always been a cycle of either not being enough or being too much and being chided for both.

The most commonly used slang for women is ‘bitch’ which actually means a female dog. This term, when used in a derogatory way, is suggestive of a woman with high sexual desires, just as a female dog in heat.

It’s sad that society dismisses women as mere sexual objects to be dominated, existing solely for a man’s pleasure and needs and when she speaks up for herself, she’s either a ‘whore’ or ‘bitch’ both of which degrade her sexual and individual identity. 

Since women are and would always be called a bitch for the most futile baseless reasons, why not just embrace the title and pat our backs ourselves for being the boss (or the bitch).

5 reasons why you should embrace the title “bitch”: 

1. Being a bitch breaks you from the people-pleasing 

Women are often expected to be soft, accommodating, adjusting and of pleasant nature but when we fail at that, we are called sassy, dominating and an incompatible person to be with.

Not just men but female pall-bearers of patriarchy get agitated with this rebellious behavior because it doesn’t please them.

Women exist as an individual and the expectations in relationships (personal or professional) shouldn’t come in the way of any woman being an individual exercising freedom of thought and action. 

confident woman

2. Being the bitch breaks stereotypes 

Society thrives over women’s insecurities and their fear of being judged. On embracing the mean names they call us, we strip them of their power, refusing to let the negativity engulf us.

When you embrace all the mean labels women are called with a mocking smile, you grow resilient, and ready to rise above the adversities and you will only move further and ahead from this point onwards. 

powerful women

3. Bitches are just confident women that many find ‘intimidating’ 

It’s sadly predatory but human nature to exploit insecurities to get ahead in our lives, achieve what we want and defeat competition. For centuries, women didn’t have the right to vote, were treated as second grade citizens with no rights but only duties to fulfill towards their husbands and fathers and family’s honor. 

But the world’s changing and women are finding a voice and vision of their own. While advocacy for equality for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation and identity is growing, there are still several who are intimidated by a confident woman because the values of accommodating, adjusting and doormat women have been ingrained in their minds. 

4. Bitches are a topic of discussion among the crowd 

Nobody likes being talked about in a negative shade behind their back but there’s no denying that this is an every day occurrence. In regular lives, at the workplace and in other spaces, women who speak up for themselves, have clarity on what they want and chase their goals are often a topic of discussion.


Because, the world is not used to women prioritizing their personal goals and lives ahead of a husband and children. Women who choose to defy their centuries old roles of a honour-abiding daughter, wife, sister, mother and express their opinions as real, authentic selves unabashedly are the ones inspiring more women to realize their dreams and not be a supporting character in a man’s life.   

sassy confident woman

5. Bitches make their own rules and rewrite history 

It’s time to rewrite history and the misogynist narrative that’s been spun for ages! Women who are called bitches are called so because they unapologetically keep their heads held high with a clear vision and aren’t scared to lead and succeed.

Women with a rebellious attitude and an affinity for breaking rules laid down by the patriarchal society are often branded with the derogatory label but if that’s what it takes to lead lives on our own terms, we’ll go with it. 

The only constant our universe has known is change and it’s gradual. Society has undergone numerous changes since the beginning of civilization too and while patriarchy may be at every corner, ready to clip your wings, you will have to be your own harbinger of change and equality for all. 

It’s easy to live by the rules and not offend anyone, not invite any trouble or mean names but what’s that peace worth if it undermines your soul’s truth and life’s authenticity.

So, be a bitch, a proud one and break some rules. 

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi is a student of Microbiology, a diehard fan of Louis Tomlinson and an avid writer in addition to being a full-time scritches manager for her rescue dog, Buju Chakraborty.

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