Barbie: A Cinematic Catalyst for Deeper Life Discussions

Barbie: A Cinematic Catalyst for Deeper Life Discussions

With the release of the ‘Barbie’ movie, the world is celebrating Barbie again. Google shows pink starts and a pink screen on the ‘Barbie’ search. Hashtags like #barbie #barbiethemovie are trending on all social platforms. We inevitably honoured this remarkable film portraying a fantastic character like ‘Barbie’ in such times.

Infact, many women have been using Barbie movie as a litmus test to see whether their male partners can understand the feminist messaging behind the movie. A 32-year-old woman from Germany also refers to this as the “Barbie test”.

Several women we spoke with after they watched the movie had deeper thoughts about the movie. “Watching barbie truly showcased what we experience in our daily life, infact the way it was represented makes it easy for men to understand what we go through” – Simran Oberoi, 27, Delhi

“I think watching the movie would be great if you go with you male partners, this way you won’t have to tell them what you feel in different areas of life” – Priyanka Sharma, 32, Bangalore

“I feel this is a question for my next date. How did you find the movie “Barbie” and the guy’s answer would help me choose if he is the right match. – Itee Sharma, 29, Delhi.

And here’s how people on Twitter reacted to the movie.


Barbie has continually broken barriers and broadened its horizons since its inception as a simple doll in the 1950s. Today, she is leaping from the playrooms into the cinema with this movie. The film brings the subsequent rise in the era of Barbie by revering this ever-evolving character.

The popularity of the Barbie movie doesn’t merely stem from the iconic status of its central character. The film’s success is a tribute to how it masterfully provokes profound conversations on life’s biggest questions. At the heart of the Barbie movie lies a captivating story. The film presents the following question that induces deep thought.

“If you can have a perfect and controlled Barbie Land, what would make you choose an unpredictable human life?”
The character of Barbie transports from a wonderful, certain and intentional Barbie Land to an unsure and doubtful human world. Barbie and Ken are seen asking questions like “What’s my purpose?” or “What am I doing here?” Further, the character of Mattel CEO in the film poses a question, ““How do I be me in this world?”.
This leaves its audience pondering into understanding the true meaning of life. The film tackles issues of purpose with grace.

Instead of providing straightforward answers, the movie encourages viewers to think deeply about life’s intricacies. The film also suggests that it’s not essential to find the answers every time; in fact, it is appreciable to make peace with yourself and feel good about how you are. This also brings forward a vital element of ‘acceptance’ that must resurface in today’s modern era.

Overall, this film isn’t just a retelling of Barbie’s well-curated life; it’s a deep exploration of character, identity and purpose. It provokes thought and inspires dialogue. The movie gets into some deep and profound places, unlike a movie about dolls would typically be.

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Kanika Arya

Kanika Arya

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