10 Eww Things Girls Do Because Hey, We Aren’t Unicorns

10 Eww Things Girls Do Because Hey, We Aren’t Unicorns

Women should be rewarded just for putting up with society’s crap gender specific double-standards. It was sort of distressing to put together this list because women are supposed to all-divine, perfect specimens with manners and elegance. But we are human and we do stuff that might sound disgusting to many but heck, we aren’t unicorns. 

If you also do 4 or more of these things, then trust me ladies, you are normal. 

  • The hairiness of our legs decides our outfits 

We have body hair and there is no shame in admitting that some women are not okay with showing their body hair in public. We can always talk about the unrealistic beauty standards for women that have stigmatized body hair on women but let’s save it for another day. 

Shaved legs

More often than not, our outfits are decided by the amount of hair on our legs. We may not always have the time to shave/wax our legs before we go out and yeah, we don’t want to wake up an hour earlier just to shave to get hairless legs. 

  • We eat food that falls in between our boobs inside our bras 

Popcorn, chocolate bits, candy, chips, and whatnot. Anything edible that falls into our bra will make its way to our tummies. 

  • We end up putting those old razors to work quite often

 We should be changing them regularly but show us a girl who isn’t tired of the prices and doesn’t wanna get more out of them and we’ll show you a liar.  

  • Vaginal discharge investigation

Yes, other than the bloodbath that are periods, we also get discharge from our vaginas and we investigate it to check our vaginal health. Just another perk of being a girl. 

  • Many of us are guilty of clogging shower drain with hair 

If you share your bathroom with someone, we feel for them. But we can’t help it! 

clogged drain with hair, shaving in bath

  • We pee in the shower 

No explanation needed. Everyone does it. Girls do it too. 

  • Washing our bras is such a task

They get all lumpy and stringy in the washing machine and then sorting them and drying them is a task. Then there are some bras that need to be hand-washed. How do you even make time for all this? 

  • Freaky blood gets on our underwear at least once a month 

Not every girl has a regular period cycle.

Period stains on underwear

Even if it is, it is hard enough tracking the entire month for the one day when your vagina would explode. This is how we find out that we have got our period: We get blood on our underwear, literally. 

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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