10 traits everyone must look for in a partner when dating

10 traits everyone must look for in a partner when dating

Looks attract, confidence impresses and personality enhances the relationship, but are these the only things we should look for in a partner? No. A relationship has multiple dimensions and relies over many things. 

There’s no specific list of all the qualities you must be on the lookout for in a partner but surely, there are certain traits that make a man more attractive than his chiseled abs and sharp jawline!  

Find out top 10 traits of men that make them attractive without having the face, hair and glistening chest of an Abercrombie model: 

  • You feel emotionally secure with them 

A person who makes you feel secure in your relationship, and provides you with reassurance is someone you could envision a future with. Being emotionally secure in your relationship is an immediate green flag in a partner. 

supportive boyfriend dating

  • They make you feel important

Do not settle for someone who takes you for granted. Look for someone who makes you feel important, prioritizes you and your needs, and the relationship. 

  • They are a non-conservative chivalrous person

They say chivalry is dead, but it’s an important factor of a relationship. Irrespective of gender, it is small acts of politeness, like holding the doors for you. It acts as an indicator of a wonderful upbringing. 

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  • They are romantic

Everyone deserves a romantic partner who enjoys initiating small acts of love on their own to show their appreciation for the relationship and partner. It is highly attractive and makes you feel special, and simultaneously strengthens the relationship.

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  • They have a sense of assertiveness

A person who isn’t afraid to voice their opinions and has clarity on their view of the world but isn’t afraid to hear the other side is definitely very attractive! Confidence is a great trait to look for in a man and having a sense of self-awareness and assertiveness makes them more charming for sure. 

  • They have a good sense of humor

This is old, but it is also gold. A partner who can make you smile when you’re stressed, is probably someone who cares for you. As per a reported study, couples who have an identical sense of humor are generally more satisfied with their relationship.

  • They respect you

Basic but everyone needs respect and a romantic partnership won’t thrive unless your man respects your opinions, decisions and you as a person.  

  • They are honest and reliable

A reliable partner is someone you can trust to have your back in times of need. They are someone who won’t break a promise and honesty in a partner who knows what they are talking about without offending anyone is very date-worthy. 

  • Their actions speak volumes

Words are great but actions speak louder so your man shouldn’t just be about prose and promises. Everyone loves a man of action, and we don’t mean that you should date a daredevil or an action movie star. Men who aren’t afraid to express affection through small gestures and those who go the extra mile to make you feel special, now that’s that kind of guy you want as a partner. 

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  • They care for you

You need someone who genuinely cares for you, your needs and wants and your likes and desires. Your feelings need to be reciprocated and you shouldn’t be unheard in a relationship no matter how long it lasts. Look for a partner who cares for you as a person and not just as a girlfriend or a wife. Your relationship isn’t roleplay and you won’t feel like anyone’s faking it when you have the real connection with a person who genuinely respects and cares for you. 

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi Chakraborty

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