10 red flags to look out for while dating men

10 red flags to look out for while dating men

Red flags on men are essentially the criteria that might seem like a small problem that could be figured out later, but is capable of turning into a huge problem later. You don’t want your partner creating an unhealthy relationship dynamic that’s not just abusive but also violent. 

Here are 10 red flags every woman should look out for when going all in with the dating game. 

  • Is he controlling?

This is an extremely unhealthy power dynamic some people force onto their relationship, leading to the relationship getting toxic and things bitter between the partners. Your boyfriend or husband or no-label date should never be imposing superiority over you. If you are being forced to quit your job because apparently, you spend too much time working and it’s him or the job, then you know who to pick. 

abusive, controlling man

  • An overly self-obsessed person?

A narcissist is a person who thinks they’re superior than others, and better than others in everything they do. A self confident person is amazing to be with, but a boastful person who cannot stop talking about how good they’re? Or emotionally blackmailing about how bad they feel about themselves to fish for compliments? That is not going to work. At the end of the day, they will leave you either feeling bad about yourself or thinking you’re not enough or both. 

  • Have you been having difficulty setting boundaries? 

It is a major red flag when someone wants to pry on your personal space. None should be checking your phone for texts or call logs or stalking your social media to see who you are spending most of your time with. It is a direct breach of your privacy. If there’s no trust, what would be the basic foundation of the relationship?

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  • Do they reciprocate the respect you give them? 

You can definitely judge a person based on their treatment towards others. It is concerning if they’re disrespectful. It just reflects their lack of respect, empathy and consideration to others, which is very hard to deal with and puts on a mental strain. 

You won’t want to be with a partner who doesn’t respect you enough and puts you down every chance they get. 

  • Does he trust you? 

A healthy relationship’s foundation is built with trust. A couple that doesn’t trust one another will not last for long. If your partner does not believe you, accuse you of things such as cheating, stealing from them, it is just going to build up a wall between you both. Trust issues are hard to deal with and it’s not your job to fix them. You want a partner whom you support, who supports you, not a care project. 

  • Are they an advocate of your success? 

An amazing way to show that you love each other is to celebrate each other’s success and stick through their sides when you’re not in their best form. Having goals as a couple is definitely part of the relationship but what about your individual wins getting celebrated? If your partner is threatened by your success and ambition, then this might be time to rethink your equation. 

possessive man

  • Are they over-protective?

If he’s protective of you, this might come off as an attractive quality, but overdoing it is a dealbreaker. Going off to the extent of urging you to cut ties with your friends and relatives, because he feels insecure and jealous leads to development of negative feelings. It’s one of the most commonly occurring signs of controlling behavior. 

  • Are they unable to commit after considerable time in the relationship? 

Being unable to commit to a relationship can be a result of some unresolved issues, trauma but it could also be the case where their choices of priorities are different. This can hurt the other person who probably expects a long term thing. Always have clarity on what your partner wants from this relationship or fling and be clear when expressing your expectations so you don’t get hurt. 

  • Can you rely on them?

If you cannot rely on your partner, and they are continuously letting you down, it develops feelings of doubtfulness and resentment and deteriorates the bond. You don’t want to be the one carrying the entire load of the relationship. If they are not into it, it’s time you move on. 

Men Red flags dating

  • Are you always, every time wrong, forcefully?

A healthy, secure relationship doesn’t emotionally blackmail you into thinking that anything going wrong is your fault, when actually it is not. A relationship should make you feel secure, not something that emotionally drains you and doubts yourself every second. 

When you settle for less than what you ask for, you get much less than what you settled for. So, don’t settle, don’t give up on love. The right person will find you as long as you put out the right energy into the world and be vocal about your needs and feelings. 

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi Chakraborty

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