10 Things We want to Say to All Women under 25

10 Things We want to Say to All Women under 25

 As women, we are told many things growing up, and as little girls growing up to be women, the things we are told, and the reality, often clashes and leaves us confused and questioning ourselves. And it’s fine. 

But there are some things all women should learn as they grow into mature adults.  

We couldn’t possibly write down everything, but here are 15 things women should know by 25: 

Life lessons for women under 25

  • It is okay not to be okay 

You cannot always pretend to be the strong person who emotionally never falters. It is alright to have a bad day and feel sad about it. Experience your emotions, don’t bury them.

  •  You’ll inevitably fail sometimes

The road to success isn’t a one way uphill route, it has ups and downs, and can even make you hit the rock hit bottom, pain you. But, you’ll have to be the one addressing the cause of it. There’s no shame in falling, only if you keep trying to be better. 

  • Effortlessness in a myth 

Everything in life requires effort. It might seem chic to not put an effort into things and still be successful, but the world doesn’t work that way. The thought might be tempting, but it only leads to ruin. 

Life lessons for women under 25

  • Don’t be afraid of being ‘cringe’

Live in the moment, have fun. You’ll inevitably cringe at one thing or the other retrospectively. Trends run out quickly, but your life shouldn’t be affected by that. Be cringe, it would even be fun to look back and laugh. 

  • You can never be loved by all

You are never going to not have some critics, no matter how hard you try to be appreciated and admired by all. So, it’s better to leave people’s perspective to them and not take them into consideration. Pondering over the belittling thoughts would only hurt your feelings and emotionally strain you. 

  • Lighten Your Emotional Baggage

Life can be heavy, if you try to carry it all at once. Learn to sort out between what is to be kept and what not. Often, the nice things are lighter to carry as compared to disheartening experiences. Try to leave behind those emotional baggage and make room for the better things that are yet to come. 

Life lessons for women under 25

  • Don’t hide your enthusiasm

Your enthusiasm is for a reason, and none should ask you to suppress that. Enthusiasm for your passion boosts productivity, helping in achieving success. Don’t be ashamed of trying, and being enthusiastic. 

  • Every mistake is a lesson in disguise

A mistake you make provides you with a guiding lesson on how to be better. It is certainly disheartening to make a mistake and be sad over it and you should experience that emotion. But don’t let the sadness take over you. Identify the wrong, learn the lesson, work for betterment. 

Women under 25

  • You’re not an overly emotional person

Your emotions could never be too much for the people that love you. Your emotions are your own and that’s your individuality. If your emotions are way too much to handle for people in your life, you might want to change your peers.

  • You’re not too old for fun

25 years is not an age where you need to sit still, and listen to gloomy music. You can do that, if that’s your idea of fun, but it’s as justified as going out to social gatherings and having fun. 

Women under 25

Strive to be better than you are, but not so much that it burns you out. Experience, experiment, enjoy and remember that you are your own woman, your own person. 

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi is a student of Microbiology, a diehard fan of Louis Tomlinson and an avid writer in addition to being a full-time scritches manager for her rescue dog, Buju Chakraborty.

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