7 signs you are trapped in a toxic marriage and should break free

7 signs you are trapped in a toxic marriage and should break free

Marriage is a grand celebration in a person’s life and it comes with great aspirations, daydreams about a delightful life together ahead, a forever ever happy ending. But from time to time, the rose tint of the glass fades away, paving the way for the light to reflect up on the imperfections. And the “happily ever after” starts to play out on a harder level. 

Now, trouble in a marriage isn’t a concluding factor for the toxicity of the marriage. There are signs through which you can assess your marital life. Healthy marriages might be filled with difficulties to be faced together, but there isn’t scarcity of admiration, trust, and the love, friendship remain intact. 

But, what is on the other side? If you feel like you have to walk around in eggshells in the presence of your partner or their presence fills you with dread, and makes you question your safety and sanity? 

Here are 7 basic signs to help you identify if you’re trapped in a toxic marriage:

     1. They demoralize you and make you feel unworthy 

A healthy marriage is supposed to make you feel secure and happy about yourself and the relationship. If your spouse constantly provokes your insecurities or adds to the list, it is natural to have second thoughts regarding the marriage. 

toxic men

     2. They tend to isolate you 

Forcing you to spend your time with only them and cutting off other people from your life can be a deceitful way to project their insecurities on the relationship’s dynamic.

demoralizing abusive men

    3. You’re the one to compromise, always 

In a toxic marriage, you’re rarely allowed to express yourself and voice your opinions, desire, and perspectives, but when you do, it’s all scoffed off, unless it benefits your partner. And you’re the one who always has to settle for what you get, no better.

   4. Gaslighting to guilt tripping

Problems might arise but those are to be solved together, and not by forcing the blame onto the other, or by gaslighting into thinking it’s their fault. It is them projecting their insecurities through the price of you. Gaslighting, with a little dollop of guilt is a way for them to get what they want through you.

    5. They don’t care about your feelings and needs

A healthy marriage is about being considerate of each other’s feelings alongside understanding and expressing their needs. But if this behavior is one sided, the marriage is on its way to toxicity. You shouldn’t have to settle for someone who doesn’t care about your feelings.

ignorant men

     6. They are disrespectful 

A toxic partner tends to not care about your feelings or the environment and is bad-mouthed. They straight up disrespect you without any consideration. 

disrespectful toxic men

     7. They are aggressive 

Do the small, silly fights cause sudden, scary outbursts from your partner? Do they threaten to hit you and actually do? If the answer is yes, it is the time to run out of the marriage. This behavior is reported as abuse. Please be brave enough to inform the police and seek help. 

A toxic marriage is a heavy weight to carry, it physically, mentally and emotionally drains you. The guarantee of sanity and safety are questioned. Be brave enough to walk out, you don’t need to keep gulping down the poison without any complaints. 

If you need help dealing with an abusive partner, there are helplines and more relevant resources available to safeguard you as you walk away from them. 



Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi Chakraborty

Aditi is a student of Microbiology, a diehard fan of Louis Tomlinson and an avid writer in addition to being a full-time scritches manager for her rescue dog, Buju Chakraborty.

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