5 Things That Turn Women Off Horribly During Sex

5 Things That Turn Women Off Horribly During Sex

There’s plenty of literature surrounding turn-ons for women available online but what about the turn-offs? Women asking for sex and taking keen interest in it has been frowned upon for long but women are sexual beings too. They have certain sexual preferences that define how they initiate sexual contact and take it further. There are certain things that people in a sexual relationship end up doing that trigger the women into going cold turkey and dissociating themselves sexually completely or that person in particular.  

If the women you are hitting the sack with are not coming back to hit it again with you, you might be making one of these mistakes.  

You stink or have bad hygiene

Don’t go around hitting on a girl if you haven’t showered in 3 days and your armpits and crotch smells like fish.

Men taking shower

Stinking and bad hygiene is just a direct turn off for women and it’s not only because women are stereotypically thought of as high-maintenance but because hygiene is basic.  

You are a bad kisser 

Kissing is a craft and some people just don’t know their way around it. Shoving your tongue in her mouth and just rolling around it is not gonna help. You need to master the arts of the smoochies and be gentle with it. You need to take cues from what your woman is responding to and not just ‘do your thing’ and call it healthy foreplay. 

You talk about your ex in bed 

Talking about your ex in the bed is the worst thing you can do to a woman. Even if it is an honest mistake, apologize right after and forget about your extra-curricular activity with this woman for the next 6 or more months.

Talking about ex

For the majority of women, sex is a passionate activity and you saying an ex’s name and moaning can make them doubt your credibility and the foundation of your relationship even if it’s just sexual. 

You get too rough  

There is this misconception about how women like ‘men who act like men in bed’. The statement just reinforces a certain ‘tough guy’ stereotype and it isn’t accurate at all. Women like men who are their original selves, confident and not afraid to bare themselves in a sexual relationship. Confidence is key, not aggression. If you have been getting too aggressive with your woman in bed and none of you have BDSM inclinations, then it’s time you rethought your sexual identity. 

You aren’t really feeling it 

You are just doing it because you need a release and you aren’t feeling the passion. Or you are taking it too slow because you want to put it off but find it hard to say it. In either of these scenarios, your woman isn’t going to come back.

Half hearted sex

Excessive foreplay and doing it without any passion isn’t going to appeal to any woman and you aren’t making it memorable for either of you. So, focus on passion and doing with your body and heart and not just with your d***. 


Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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