Asha Singh is dedicated to reverse the trend of India’s disappearing daughters in Morena

Asha is a women’s rights campaigner with Prayatn, an ActionAid partner organisation dedicated to reversing the trend of India’s disappearing daughters in Morena.


“Here in India women are blamed for all that is wrong in society. Men feel they can inflict pain, shame and dishonour on women because we are powerless to fight back.
“I am determined to try and change this. I’m a trained lawyer but have been working as an activist fighting against sex discrimination for five years.
“Every month I travel by motorbike to over 25 towns and villages talking to women about their rights and asking them to recognise the valuable place they hold in our society. I want to help reduce discrimination against women and stop the violence against girls happening at every level of our society.

“India’s disappearing daughters are a national shame. Sex-selective abortions are wrong and it’s very difficult to witness parents determining that their baby is worthless because she is a girl.
“It’s also hard to witness how much neglect there is of girls in some of the villages I work in. I want to empower more and more women to come forward and with their help I can reach more villages and towns.
Change doesn’t come easily but I am convinced we can change things for the better in India. I’m proud I’ve become a role model for many girls in rural areas.”

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