All About The Ruthless Bawariya Gang Behind The Bulandshahr Gangrape

All About The Ruthless Bawariya Gang Behind The Bulandshahr Gangrape

This disgusting gang has committed a lot of crimes – murder, rape, burglaries and/or assaults and their name is enough to send shivers down the spines of villagers and even the police. Five men allegedly part of UP’s infamous nomadic trive, Bawariya gang were arrested on suspicion of being involved in the gang rape of a woman and her teenage daughter in Bulandshahr. The family who witnessed the rapes have now identified three of their attackers from among the arrested men. rape_case Here are a few things to know about them:

  • They usually operate in groups of 5-10 people and set up their camps by the roadsides away from the population.
  • The word Bawariya means people who roam and this gang mostly operates in North India region (UP, Haryana and Rajasthan) and is involved in a range of criminal activities (murder, rape, robberies etc)
  • Apart from ‘Bawariya’, they are also known as Chaddi Baniyan Gang or Habooda gang.
  • When they indulge in criminal activities, they often mask their faces and put oil or mud on their body as lubricants which make it hard to capture them.
  • The gang considers the rainy season an auspicious time to commit crime.
  • They are loaded with rods, axes, knives and country firearms which they use in attacks and remain armed at all times.
  • The Bawariya gang members are known for their cruel and violent nature and shockingly also leave their excreta at the place of attack as a ritual.
  • It is the Bawariya women who usually roam as beggars to to look around for potential targets.
  • In 2013, five Bawariya gang members confessed to 24 murders and nearly 100 cases of loot in Delhi-NCR, Meerut and Bulandshahr.
  • Once they are done with the attack, they quickly move to different towns, hence they never get caught.
Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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