Tips for pregnant women during Diwali!

Tips for pregnant women during Diwali!

  Diwali is the time to rejoice, celebrate and enjoy time with your family, friends and relatives. But an expecting mum should take special care during this festive season. Dr Manoj Chellani , IVF expert , Aayush ICSI Test Tube Center, Raipur, Chhattisgarh shares with us tips on how pregnant women should be taken care of during the festive season.

Tip #1 The excessive smoke and pollution from the firecrackers can prove to be harmful for women, particularly if they are pregnant. “The smoke and pollution emitted by the fire crackers can prove to be harmful for the mother and child. During early pregnancy, if the mother suffers from respiratory problems it can affect the unborn baby as well. “The fumes emitted by fire crackers are often quite noxious with a high carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide content. And pregnant women are at a relatively higher risk for such problems than those who are not” says Dr. Manoj Chellani

Tip #2 In the extensive preparation of Diwali when pregnant women are busy shopping and are involved in other household chores, they should make it a point to consume small portions of healthy food and water every two hours.This will prevent them from feeling dizzy and save them from lethargy as well as fainting attacks.

Tip #3 Pregnant women should stay away from the people burning crackers.They should try and avoid synthetic materials in their clothing as they catch fire easily. They should instead try and wear cotton clothes.

Tip #4 Loud noises are also said to be disturbing for women as their eardrums are more sensitive during pregnancy. “The loud cracker noises can be quite disturbing for both the mother and child. They are best avoided.”

Tip #5 Also, women should be extremely careful to avoid any kind of burn injuries as they are difficult to treat during pregnancy. Since pregnant women are more vulnerable and can’t be given strong medications, as there is a chance that it could harm the foetus, it is important that women take extra precautions to stay out of harm’s way.

Tip #6 Stay away during colouring and white washing of the house before Diwali because these act as “triggers” of an asthma attack and that will in turn be painful for both the mother and the child.

Tip #7 Another important factor pregnant women should take care of is their diet. “Since Diwali is the festival when most people eat plenty of sweets and fried snacks, pregnant women should try and keep their sweet intake to a minimal. This is because there is a high chance of them developing gestational diabetes. This can further complicate the matter for them.” informs Dr Manoj Chellani.

Tip #8 Coming into direct contact with the chemicals used in firecrackers can also cause skin irritation in a few.

Tip #9 While lightening of the lamps and diyas the pregnant women should take special care as because of the baby bump the visibility is reduced and there are the chances that they might cause burn to themselves.

Tip #10 Wearing of traditional heavy dresses during laxmi puja should be avoided for safety by would be mothers as they are difficult to handle and causes uneasiness in movement due to heaviness.

Tip #11 Emergency kits and the contact numbers of doctors etc should be kept ready so that if some mishap occurs or emergency labour pain starts due to noise pollution or any other fact , help is immediately available. Therefore, it is generally advised that the expecting mothers should remain indoors and enjoy an eco-safe diwali, which is not only better for them but also for the new life taking shape in their womb. Keep these precautions in mind and enjoy’’ suggests Dr.Chellani.   ———– SOURCE: Health me up

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