The Jasleen Kaur Incident Has Just Proved ‘Not Every Woman Who Accuses A Man Of harassment Is Right’.

Here is Jasleen’s side of the story, written by her: On 23rd August 2015, Jasleen Kaur posted a photo of a man on social media stating that he had made “obscene comments at her near Tilak Nagar”, and threatened her. A day later, the case took over social media, and news media reported that there was evidence and allegation that Jasleen’s account wasn’t entirely true.  On Monday, August 24, 2015, surfaced a Facebook post by a Delhi girl called Jasleen Kaur that created a stir in social media. She had put up a picture of a guy on a Royal Enfield and had claimed that he had eve-teased her in public and challenged her to file a complaint. Within minutes, the post went viral all over Facebook as various news websites and social media platforms (including us) took no time (or thought)  to call the guy a ‘potential rapist’, a ‘pervert’, a ‘molester’ – all this outrage without any substantial proof against him. Of course, the whole nation stood by her, without even bothering to check the authenticity of her allegation. We were all supporting a cause, weren’t we? Turns out, we were too quick to jump the gun. jasleen kaur Hereby, the girl seeks to clarify her position alongside various conspiracy theories that have surfaced on social media. And The Story Goes.. Yes I told the boy- “Bhaiya red light hai (the traffic signal is red),” when he was about to go straight and cross the signal. He got offended, got off from his bike and started walking towards me saying, “Problem kya hai be tereko? (what’s your problem?)“. When I took out my phone to take his picture he said “Jo karna hai kar le. Ruk main pose deta hun, photo le (do whatever you want. Wait, I’ll pose for you, now take the photo),” and sat back on his bike posing for a picture and also said “Zada problem hai to aaja, aage Janak Puri tak chhodh aata hun (If you have any more problems I’ll drop you till Janak Puri).” When I clicked his picture and a picture of his number plate, he hurled abuses at me and told me,Ab complaint karke dikha, fir dekh main kya karta hun tere sath (Wait and see what I’d do to you if you file a complaint).” I answered- “Ye tab pata chalega jab police ayegi tumhare ghar (You’ll find that out when the police comes to your house).” He stood there with his bike for some more time till the signal for straight on goers turned green. The road towards ‘left’ was completely clear (as is visible from the picture I shared), but he went straight over the flyover. He has been claiming that he headed towards Tilak Nagar, but the flyover he took goes across Tilak Nagar. The Witness The witness who ‘claims’ to be, has a different narrative of the incident altogether, and his testimony seems, ostensibly, inconsistent with my claims. We, as responsible citizens, are in no position to decide the validity of his testimony, or even of his being a witness. For this, we have a judicial system and making judgements about the truth or falsity of claims is overstepping the law. Connection With AAP Foremost, my connection with AAP is incidental and my pictures with Arvind Kejriwal across social media are from a year ago. The particular case and the party have no connections altogether. Drawing connections is like saying ‘I was wearing a white t-shirt today and that is why the bird pooped on me.’ I don’t know how do we judge the guy wrong and the girl right every time. Maybe, the cases of sexual harassment & rape in the past have developed this instinct in us. Because of the few guys who rape, we have generalized the mentality of all boys to be the same. And because of few girls who have the courage to file cases, true harassment cases ofcourse, we have made our mindset that every girl who complains is right. These ‘few fake women’ really let us down and because of them we are being misleaded. Respect Women apologizes to follow the trail and spread the news to Jasleen Kaur’s incident in favor of Jasleen. Just like many others, we wanted to deliver instant justice.   

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