Stop Choking Women’s Voices

In a country like India, where we believe in Goddesses, a woman’s voice is chocked to death. A woman’s opinion can lead to agitation in this male dominated world. women harassment Some men tend to confuse “manhood” with “dictatorship”. They think women can’t do anything on their own, so they force their thoughts on them. Our society has some unsaid norms and according to them, a women is not capable of deciding anything. Forget deciding for others,  a woman is not even allowed to decide for herself. What she should study, where she will study, what are her career options, whether she’ll work or not – these things are decided by someone else from the day she is born, first her parents decide for her and after her marriage, the decision making power is transferred to her husband and her in-laws. Even when she is mature enough to think for herself, her thoughts are throttled within the four walls of her house saying that she is not aware of the outside world. The basic question is, how will she know the real world if you tie her down like an animal? free women LET HER FREE. When she needs your help, she’ll ask for it. Initially she might make blunders, but eventually, she’ll learn from her mistakes like everyone else does. You all have your share of first times of every new thing you do, why not her?      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Aashy Mathan, our intern.


Respect Women

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