Breaking barriers and living for self…

We are always reminded to behave in a manner that is acceptable by all, that is, by and large by the society that we live in. Every action that we perform, every decision that we take is scrutinized by ‘our society’. Hardly does anyone think that there have lives and ambition. Our unspoken dreams are bound and crushed by this very society and its code of ethics! free women I find the Indian society extremely peculiar and dominating. And needless to say, women are ‘the evergreen targets’. We are assumed to behave, talk, dress up, eat, roam and dream just as it is prescribed in their rule book, else we are wild and wicked girls who deserve no respect and love. Is this why humans were supposed to civilise and socialise?? Society should uplift us, not degrade who we are. Lets see it our way…is there anything wrong if you dream? And by dreams I mean everything – love, marriage, travelling, writing, dancing, music or to make your parents proud! Dreams are meant to be chased and realised. Never think that you have been at fault if you dreamt anything for yourself. You are a human being just like anyone else with all the rights and all the power. Flush all the thoughts of giving up because the problem starts with us. We need to step up and prove that we have done no harm by being ourselves. Its who we are and that’s what makes all of us unique. Never lose aim and focus just because some people (who are not related to your life anyway) point out and call you a rebel. It is your life, you have dreams and the capability…go ahead and put a tape on all those mouths who want to see your downfall. At the end of the day all that matters is your self-satisfaction and the happiness of your loved ones, not the society who won’t  stand by you in times of need. It’s time to realize this and buck up!!      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Rachita Rajora, our intern.

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