sad girl

She cried – not because of the pain For her will was not hampered by such mere things It was, indeed, her ‘self-respect’ which was at stake Which made her tremble with anger.

Her nights were no longer ‘nights’ Her days were no longer ‘days’ For all her time was spent battling, Battling with the society Battling with the supreme almighty.

Her existence was a burden Though she tried to break free But how could anybody let her, For she was a ‘rape victim’.

Not much she desired for.. Just to breathe like a normal being Just to be looked upon with respect But how could anybody let her, For she was a ‘rape victim’.

Stupid of her to believe That there still exists goodness What goodness could come her way For she was a ‘rape victim’.

Enough was enough Now there was no stopping her Things were to be mended And that had to be done now For patience was no longer her virtue.

Tears were the thing of the past For she learnt to fight her way Though she still felt pity But for the society…


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