Gujarat Rape Survivor Asked To Balance A 40 Kg Rock On Her Head To Prove Her ‘Purity’

It couldn’t be worse! A rape survivor been asked to balance a 40 kg rock on her head to prove her goodness?

And all of you guys must be wondering how would it prove her goodness, well, we have the same question!

The High Court Of Gujarat denied abortion to a rape survivor and has been asked to undergo a purity test. Moreover, in order to live with her husband and get her child back, she has to perform an ‘Agnipariksha’.

Apparently, she has to balance an 88-pound rock on her head to prove her purity.


In the name of God, and so-called purity of religion, our society has a lot of believes which are vague. Agnipariksha is either a dark part of Hinduism or maybe something interpreted in a wrong way. And what is purity? What gives someone the right to test someone’s purity? Agni_pariksha

Practices of social evils like ‘Agnipariksha’ is already a thing of the past. Such traditions have no relevance in the modern Indian society.

As long as the mindset of the society doesn’t change, women in India can never be safe. Every other day strange cases of rape, molestation, and sexual harassment will occur if we don’t stop these practices now!

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