Kerala’s Oldest Student, 96 Year-Old Karthyayani Amma Becomes Commonwealth Learning Goodwill Ambassador

Setting an example with her passion and undying spirit, 96-year-old Karthyayani Amma from Kerala is an inspiration for all of us!

According to a report by Mathrubhumi, Amma has now been selected as the Commonwealth of Learning Goodwill Ambassador.

The Commonwealth of Learning is an international governmental organisation which has its headquarters in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The organization aims to promote distance and open learning education in 53-member nations. 

Last year, Amma became the oldest person ever to top the Kerala’s Literacy Exam. Although she is 96 years old but has never gone to school and she has worked as a domestic help to raise her children. The Vice President, Balasubramanian, The Commonwealth of Learning personally visited Karthyayani Amma after she had topped the Aksharalaksham literacy exam which was conducted by Kerala State Literary Mission.

Amma’s story will now be featured in the journals published by Commonwealth of Learning across the world. Proud moment for the country!

The basic aim of initiative taken by the Commonwealth Learning is to create awareness regarding distance and open learning across its 53-member states. 




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Aishwarya Seetharaman, our intern.

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