Cheers To The Success Of Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza’s name is now authoritatively endorsed for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. She is turning out to be the second tennis player to be selected for the most elevated sporting honor. Sania-Mirza-Workout She recently left a mark on the world by winning the Wimbledon women’s doubles Grand Slam trophy alongside her accomplice Martina Hingis. Being the first female player from the nation to clinch the title is an astounding accomplishment. Her nature of constancy and diligent work took her to incredible statures thereby making each Indian proud and motivated women across the globe. She has exemplified and has viably demonstrated that Cricket is not by any means the only game that can bring you fame and feat. Talking about her accomplishments, she is the first Indian female to reach the fourth round of a Grand Slam competition. She is the first Indian lady to win a WTA singles title (Hyderabad Open, 2005). She was WTA’s Most Impressive Newcomer for the year 2005 and was honored Padma Shri Award in 2006. Additionally, Sania has been named, at various occasions  the most influential personalities of South Asia and has a privileged Doctorate of Letters added to her repertoire. She became the brand Ambassador for the recently constituted state of Telengana, and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia. However, Sania has been reprimanded for her decisions. In 2014, not long after she was named as the brand ambassador of Telangana, a political leader called her Daughter-in-Law of Pakistan and accordingly calling her unworthy of being the brand ambassador. Hypocritically, her considerable achievements  in tennis were eclipsed. Every such controversies in which  Sania Mirza has been dragged into uncover the dull underbelly of Indian “society”. Chauvinism is profoundly established in our mentality. We can’t think past the limited lines of gender and social bias. Luckily, every such attempt to drag Sania down have failed. She has ascended like a phoenix each time her wings were cut or smoldered and has emerged amongst the best female players ever possessed by India. What’s more, nobody can detract that from her. After undermining and criticizing her for quite a long time it’s chance that the country gave her the admiration she is expected. One should express gratitude toward her for taking the game to astounding statures, getting hurt and battling back like a genuine warrior. Sania has let her game justify her commitment and sincerity towards the sport. She has  underlined the fact that individual convictions, philosophies, etc., are matters of individual decision and they ought not be utilized to question the dedication and genuineness of a person for the profession. Her dedication to the game likewise demonstrated that when the chips are down one ought to become insusceptible from feedback and criticisms and focus on the profession in which one want to excel. Sania has become a role model. She has enlivened and should keep on moving eras of women who want to live their dreams. She has cleared the way which others might take after. This nation should see numerous more empowered women like her in times to come.    


 About the Author: This article is contributed by Siddharth Badkul, our intern.
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