A Girls’ College In Lucknow Got Its First Vending Machine For Sanitary Napkins

And we all know how shameful is periods in our society! A girl on period = impure. That’s what our society believes in! Anyway, good news: Awadh Girls’ Degree College (AGDC) in Lucknow has become the first in the state to install a vending machine in their campus. It would be installed inside the girls’ washroom. vending machine Girls from that college are overjoyed by seeing this change. Now, for anyone who is in an emergency, this vending machine is going to be of great help. The cost of a single napkin – Rs. 10/- sanitary napkin Also, the department of women’s studies at Lucknow University is keen to set up a vending machine for sanitary napkins. Being happy with the progress of AGDC, this university’s principal is also keen to install one but on the lines of  Arunachalam Muruganantham, wherein you not only get a sanitary pad for Rs. 10/- but also generate income for the poor section of the society. This is such a great move by these college authorities. With these kind of actions, the girls are going to be at ease!  

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