‘WARRIOR’ Bodybuilder fighting ovarian cancer blows up Instagram with photos

‘WARRIOR’ Bodybuilder fighting ovarian cancer blows up Instagram with photos

A bikini bodybuilder has become an Instagram star after documenting her fight against ovarian cancer on social media.

Cheyann Clark started her account because she wanted to inspire other people to get in shape, but ironically it’s fighting for her health that has really had an impact on lives.


She broke the 200,000 followers barrier when she posted a picture showing how her body, once muscular and lean, has been ravaged by the disease as she goes through chemo.

Cheyann told komonews.com: “I’m used to looking in the mirror and seeing muscle and all my hard work. And it disappeared literally overnight.”

The 23-year-old, who now weighs under seven stone, said: “It’s still hard. I just have a really good support system, but finding out I have cancer was pretty hard.”


Cheyann, from Seattle, US, was diagnosed four months ago – she lost 28 pounds and her hair, but she refused to lose her determination or spirit: “I could either let this rule my life and take over and die. Or I could put my gloves on, face it and get in the ring and kick its butt.”

The bikini bodybuilder came sixth in her last competition, and she has swapped photos of herself posing for pictures getting her chemo treatment and lying in a hospital bed.

She said: “I’ve really seen what life is all about and I’ve realized to live each day like it’s your last. I see a warrior and somebody who’s ready to battle.”

Cheyann posts inspirational words on many of her pictures – on one, which she uploaded on Thanksgiving, she said she was “thankful” for getting her illness, saying: “Cancer has blessed me in away that many will never understand.

“I have been blessed with the gift to show my love and faith in God and been blessed with all of you.”


Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor