A Heartbreaking Story: My Life Became A Bleak Story When I Married Him!

A Heartbreaking Story: My Life Became A Bleak Story When I Married Him!

I am a girl of about 20. I’ve always wanted to achieve something really good. I wanted to be recognized by everyone around me, for the achievements that I reach.

I’ve never trusted anyone.

My mind never settles to become dependent on anyone, for I knew that no one on this earth would be permanent in my life. When people are in need of something, they come running to me as if I was their only love, and pretend as if they cared for me all throughout their life. I would pretend as if I believed them, and would help them in return. They would not have a single clue that I didn’t trust their pretentious act. When I lose help and when I am in need of help, it is usually for me to find no one to help me out. That’s how my life usually was!

I’ve got used to it. Betrayal has become a part of my life, but that didn’t make much of a difference in my life, for I learnt to live with it.

I’ve never had anyone to support me in my life, and my life has always been a diary of a solitary heart, but even that didn’t disturb me much.

When you get exposed to a pain more than once in your life, you get used to it, that you lose your sense towards it, and that’s what happened to me. I lost my sense to pain, and even when someone left in the middle of nothing, my heart didn’t know the pain. People sometimes would wonder if my heart was made of stone or iron, because when they really want to hurt me, but my heart doesn’t respond to the pain, they get disappointed, for, being a woman and being as strong and as bold as me, startled everyone. Maybe, that’s why I’ve been successful in all that I did.

This didn’t last longer. This entire strong attitude, was until I met him. My heart of stone started to melt down when I saw his eyes. Initially, it wasn’t so. I didn’t respond to him as he expected me to. But later, he earned my trust. Whenever I shove him away from my life, the closer he came to me. He told me that he loved me more than anything in this world, but I didn’t trust him. I thought it was a prank, but he did stay with me, and that was when I lost my heart to him. When my life was locked for anyone to enter, he somehow managed to jump into it. I trusted him with all my heart and we got married. My lonely life became colorful with him, but the color didn’t last longer.


My life became a bleak story when he took over my life. My success and achievements became a story of the past when I got locked up with the bond of marriage. It was then that I realized that everything was a prank on me, to stop my progress. He won my heart so that he could win me over my business. I lost everything, when he gained everything. Now that he is happy, I am immersed in my sorrow, locked up in my emotions.

When he is the cheat, the pain became mine.



About the author: This article is written by our intern, Sherly Hephzibah.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor