“Not All Men”: A Dude’s Favourite Argument Misses The Point

“Not All Men”: A Dude’s Favourite Argument Misses The Point



Not all men rape, some just molest.
Grope you in metros
Or just pass by in motorbikes, hitting your breasts.
Some just whistle or make catcalls.
Not all men rape. Not all men.

Some pass snide comments, or may be just a whistle
And some are more genteel, may only letch.
Some will just peek, through the keyholes
Or some just discuss your pussy with their friends
Mind you but, these are just locker room talks
Not all men rape. Not all men.

Some guys are nice, who only want a virgin
Or some just marry to only have sex. (Not all men!)
Some treat you as human (lesser) coz they are more humane
They let you work, and come home late.
And some of them will even let you wear pants
But of course they are not rapists. Not all men.

Some men will praise for all the work you do
And never consult in meetings quite a few.
Some men will mock all the feminism (Nazi?) that you talk off
And then some may even start a new movement
You know these are nice men, who believe in equality.
Some men are ‘meninists’, but
These are not rapists. Not all men.

Some brag about the dowry they get
But some feel proud, for sending you to school
Some will ask you to be grateful, they treat you like a son
And some go ahead and call you a son.
Some will ‘let you choose’ whom you marry
And then will marry you off, ‘ab beti hui parayi’
Not all men rape, not all men.

So here all you women, be careful what you say,
You might have been molested or worse raped.
But it’s your duty to never generalize.
Be always politically correct, be always ready to please.
Most men are good. They are only to be appeased.
They are the protectors of the Realm (yeah, that’s a GoT reference)
Not all men rape. Not all men.

(Of all the men that I have ever met from my birth to all my relatives and cousins, friends, colleagues, vendors, passersbys, it must be over a thousand of them. The good men that I can recall of can still be counted on my fingers. I do not accuse them of being oppressive chauvinists, but they have not failed in being occasional sexists. That does not make me weak though. But I kind of hate this place. I am not a 2nd class citizen. )



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Niharika Singh from Fuccha.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor