7 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism!

7 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism!

How many times have you heard people say- Feminism is bullshit, men and women are equal? 

I believe a million times. I have heard it too, many a times & I wonder why people don’t understand the basis of feminism, rather stereotype it as being a movement to make women superior to men. 


Feminism is about equality of the gender – treating all humans equally irrespective of their gender. So next time someone says that feminism is not necessary, give them the following reasons as to why it is necessary:

1. Acid Attacks-

Acid attacks are deadly and have the potential of ruining the victim’s life forever. Here the attacker is usually a male who tries to vent out his anger or take vengeance by throwing acid on a woman. This is done mainly to make sure the female is repressed in the society and also to prove the attacker’s superiority.

2.Sex as a Taboo for women-

Women are perceived as sexless beings. Women having sexual desires or urges are seen as having a blotch on her character. When men talk about their sexual experience they are considered as a stud whereas when women talk about their sexual experiences they are labeled as ‘sluts’. Talk about double standards.

3.Rape Culture-

Rape and Rape culture is a form of control that men try to enforce upon women. By raping women, they believe they are trying to exercise their control over them. Women are blamed for being raped because of the way they dress. There are double standards here as well. Women wearing shorts are raped because they seem to be ‘inviting’ men for the same. Women don’t pounce upon men who are wearing shorts. Why can’t men control their sexual energies? Don’t women have the right to wear what they want to?

Men need to be taught that they do not have the right to rape women instead of                 women being taught how to prevent rape.

4.Honour Killings-

These acts of vengeance which are usually deaths are committed by the male member of the family against the females in the family because they have supposedly brought ‘dishonor’ upon the family. This could vary from being a victim of rape, to falling in love with someone. We are living in the 21st century and its high time the society demolishes these destructive stereotypes against women.

5.Sexual Harassment- 

Being catcalled or being stared at is not something that anyone likes. It is an act of invasion of privacy and creates uneasiness amongst the victims. Men need to understand that this behavior is not accepted and should not be able to get away with it just because they have been doing it for ages.

6.Unequal Pay-

Living in the 21st century and yet women receive unequal pay for the same work as men perform. This inequality is experienced by women in every walk of life. No matter how successful they are, the cloud of unequal pay always hovers over them.


No matter what gender you prescribe to, the stereotypes attached to it will affect you. Men and women are expected to behave in a particular manner according to the society. A little deviation and there is a risk of being teased for it. Everyone should be allowed to dress and act the way they want. Whatever happened to Freedom of Expression?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Manjulika Chellappan, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor