#MeToo: 44 Phrases of Victim Shaming That We Need To Stop Saying!

#MeToo: 44 Phrases of Victim Shaming That We Need To Stop Saying!

#MeToo movement is getting worldwide acceptance and has begun to make its own roots in India.

However, it brings its own share of good and bad. The good being, people are finally coming out and speaking up their experiences of sexual victimisation. The bad news is that their own people shaming and insulting them for speaking up rather than supporting.


It’s contradicting and leads to a lot of questions when the society says we should speak up our problem to solve it and when we speak up, there’s nothing but plain insult. The people behind the action get away and the victims get traumatized by societal bullying.

One thing that should be given importance is that it is not only females who have to face these issues but also others. It can happen to anyone at anytime and the society should be able to understand it. Just because it happened to a male or it has happened in the past, doesn’t mean that it should be insulted or ignored.

#MeToo goes beyond gender and time and should be taken seriously.


Therefore, we have put forth some common phrases that are frequently used by society to put shame on the victims. Our aim is to stop these kind of responses and take action.

1. I just think she is over-thinking about it
2. See, she spoke and lost her job. She could have been quiet!
3. He/she just wants publicity.
4. She should have worn appropriate clothes.
5. There is no use telling now, it’s in the past. Who will believe you?

6. That’s how men are, she should have taken care.
7. Go and drink more with boys (sarcasm).
8. I am telling you honestly, she is asking for it.
9. I don’t think anyone’s believing what she is saying.

10. Please dude, this is not sexual harassment.
11. You are taking it too seriously, leave it.
12. You take the legal route, you will suffer.
13. With time, you will forget all about it.
14. She has opened her mouth, now see what happens to her.
15. He is kinda cute isn’t he? Are you sure it wasn’t consensual?
16. Now don’t roam about with that girl or you will also get trapped.
17. This was obviously going to happen, if she roams about with so many boys this was obviously going to happen.
18. Does she/he have proof ?
19. I am so sure she has some personal agenda behind it!
20. Why is she asking for anonymity?
21. I don’t think an educated guy can do that!
22. She is just another false accuser.
23. What is with this #metoo, there are so many other things to worry about in this country
24. Yeah, now everyone will say that something wrong has happened to them!
25. This happened to you ? You are a boy, dude come on!
26. No no no, he is your uncle , he has seen you growing up since you were born. You are just overthinking it
27. What does she think, she is the first girl in the world to whom such thing has happened?
28. Family will be so insulted, why didn’t she think about that?
29. He is your husband, why does he need permission?
30. He/she must have provoked it.
31. You can’t clap with one hand.
32. We are civilized, we don’t get sexually harassed.
33. Now #MeToo is happening to everybody yaar.
34. There was only touching, so what?
35. Dude she was on Tinder, she signed up for it.
36. She is just doing it for money, man.
37. This #MeToo is full stupidity.
38. This all will happen when you become ‘modern’





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Govind S. Kurup, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor