How to become a superwoman?

How to become a superwoman?

With the rising rapes and attacks on women, it is being assumed that women are a weaker and the vulnerable section of the society. Having a feminine built is in no way equivalent to possessing any less power than a man with six pack abs. A woman has a number of “built in” weapons which are beyond a man’s reach. These weapons are unique to the identity of a woman, which can help her defend herself from all the hideous attackers out there. These weapons easily pass from all metal detectors and security checks without any skepticism and are capable of causing massive harm to anybody who tries to mingle with its owner. So all the girls out there now you don’t have to worry about your safety for here comes a handy list of items that you can use to ensure that you are always safe.One can use a couple of these items and can always stay upbeat.And yes with all such safety tips you won’t need a superman to protect you because now you will be a superwoman.Be safe,Be secure. 1. COLOURFUL STOLES AND DUPATTAS

Yes,the colourful dupatta around your neck can be your best friend at the time of trouble. It is often disguised in the form of a scarf covering the hair and the entire face of the person carrying. It comes in various colours and patterns and is easily available at all textile stores. In event of an attack it can be used to strangle the attacker’s neck or face. This is how you can use it-Use your hand to grab both ends of this weapon and twist it around the invader’s eyes or neck. Doing this will blind him or choke him instantly, providing you with ample amount of time to switch position and make the necessary calls for help.   2. SANDALS AND OTHER FOOTWEAR

Nobody knew that your footwear can come to your rescue when no one can.The sandals  come in a wide range of colors and a number of designs. It may be pointed towards the end up to a height of 2 to 5 inches or may form a continuous edge along the feet sole. This is one attractive piece of weapon which also keeps your foot safe from foreign objects on the ground and can be of great use especially when the attacker does his wrong deed in a crowded area. This is how you can use it-You need to unstrap it from your foot or ankle depending on its make, and start thumping the attacker with its lowermost surface. Doing this will surely attract more girls from the surrounding area, hence strengthening the consequences of your attack.   3. NAILS

Practically, every human being, be it a male or a female is born with this weapon situated right at their fingertips. In case of a woman, the length of this weapon may vary from 2 to 3 centimeters . However, if made to stick inside the flesh of the assailant, it may cause severe damage to his flesh accompanied by heavy bleeding. This weapon is especially useful when the attacker attacks a woman from the behind, trying to grab her face or neck region. This is how you can use it-Instant digging of the attacker’s hand or wrist with the nails causes him to immediately retreat from his action giving you a chance to take charge.   4. PEPPER AND MIRCHI POWDER

Pepper and chilli powder are the weapons which are highly contagious and provides guaranteed safety to any woman who carries it. It can be made into a pouch or can be liquefied and stored in a high pressure spray-able bottle. This is how you can use it-Spraying the powder over the face of the attacker in event of an attack will instantly blind him causing a lot of pain, and irritation. It may even cause permanent damage so is advisable to use only when genuine need arises. 5. KICK IN THE GUTS

If none of the above mentioned weapon is available during an attack, you can always take to hurting your attacker right at “THE” point. This technique is always helpful, irrespective to the place or time of the attack. The consequence of such an attack is well understood and needs no further explanation. So all girls out there, BE SAFE!


About the Author: This article is contributed by Bhavya Poddar, our Intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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