5 Signs You Will Notice, If Your Boyfriend Is Only Interested In Sex

5 Signs You Will Notice, If Your Boyfriend Is Only Interested In Sex

You got to keep things romantic and exciting in a relationship. Do crazy things and amaze each other every time you are on bed (or somewhere else). 

Well, I can’t say I disagree to the statement. Sex is definitely one of the most important things in any relationship, it’s a really nice feeling and an emotion in itself but if it’s “THE” most important thing in your relationship or in your partner’s mind; it’s probably the time to ask yourself:

Is he truly the GENTLEMAN of your life?

Is he the one you want to be with, for the rest of your life?

Is that what you want in your man?

And if your ambiguity still exists, here are the Five signs that your date will exhibit, if the only thing he is interested in, is SEX!

1) Your “Dates” are generally either at his place or yours.

The venue for your “dates” will either be his house or yours. He would always make excuses when it comes to going out to a restaurant or a theatre and would try to convince you for a home delivery or a Netflix session. While it’s never bad to hangout at your place, but it has to be only after you both have known each other from a considerable amount of time and have already hang out at various places in public.

So the next time he calls you at his place, you know what to say!

2) He will try to avoid all the group trips and outings with your friends. In short: Just you and him, ALWAYS!

While it’s good to have a quality time for each other but always withdrawing from aparty or outings with all your friends, is a thing to ponder upon. He would try to always be at the top of your attention list and will always nag you to be with him and avoid other people. Slowly and steadily you will drift apart from your friends and colleagues and will have all your attention diverted towards him and that what he wants.

3) All conversations between you two, will eventually turn sexual or flirty.

You: Did you like my new clothes that I brought the last night?

He: Oh yes! But your clothes would look nicer on my bedroom floor!

No matter, what you ask or initiate, it will always turns out this way. And when he initiates something, it will definitely be provocative or coquettish. His humour or any comment will eventually turns out be sexual and flirtatious.

4) He will always compliment you; or to be precise, YOUR BODY!

While it’s the best thing that you man keeps complimenting you every now and then, butthe man who truly loves you will compliment you more about your inner qualities like intelligence, creativity, honesty, etc. rather than about your looks and body. Every womanlikes complimenting but if the only thing he is focussed on, is your looks, he definitely don’tknow the deeper you or probably is not even interested in knowing.

5) The best memory of your relationship is Sex-Related!

When was the last time you had a walk hand-in-hand around the lake or When was the last time he made your favourite dish? Moments like these, turn into beautiful memories later. But if all that you can remember is related to sex or how was he in the bed, its definitely not going great! If you don’t have a memory that brings smile on your face (obviously notluscious) every time you recollect it, your relationship is all about sex and just sex.

If you find any of these signs in your date, it’s definitely a time to alarm yourself and decide what do you actually want to be: His lady or just any lady in his life?





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Shreya Kohli, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor