10 Things Women Don’t Want To Hear In 2019!

10 Things Women Don’t Want To Hear In 2019!

Another year has waived us farewell after giving us shedload of memorable moments and opportunities.

It’s the time of the year when staunch resolutions tend to go down in a pace as fast as of light. No matter how faithful we are initially to the weight loss or healthy lifestyle resolutions, we are likely to lose track on all of them by the end of the day. But there are few promises required to be made for the good of others. This year, we women warmly request you for your resolute vows for not mortifying us with your unwelcomed and irksome parleys.

Here are the 10 things women don’t want to hear in 2019 :

  1. “Stop crying like a girl!

Since when did crying become gender specific? At least this year try not to sexualise something as general as crying. Men too feel the need to break out and sob sporadically.

  1. “You drive well for a woman!”

Its high time that you stop degrading women by throwing uninvited comments every time they parallel park or speed up a little. Its not the end of the world if a female overtakes your car! Besides, we’re aware that the rear view mirror isn’t for applying makeup, but does it harm your male ego if we use it for that too?  

  1. “Girls don’t curse”

What is so unwomanly in a female cursing? While paying zero regard to the fact that most cuss words are female-centric, does it make a big deal out of whose mouth the word is being uttered?

  1. “You don’t need to pay

What we really mean when we ask you to split the bill is that we do not want anyone else to pay for us. Being a woman doesn’t entitle us to get away with everything for free. That is how independence and self-reliance works, doesn’t it?

  1. “When are you gonna get married/have kids?”

Often have we heard that our clock is ticking. People don’t even realise the fact that its our clock and we’d be knowing better to make everything in time. Stop dictating societal expectations of getting married or having kids to us!

  1. “Girls shouldn’t smoke!

Clearly, smoking would do wonders neither to men nor to women. Stopping women from smoking and alcohol consumption would sound more logical on the grounds of health hazards rather than character hazards.

  1. “Isn’t your skirt too short?” 

Stop making up our character and moral certificate on the basis of the length of our clothes. Let us have the liberty to at least wear what we want to, instead of associating it with our upbringing.

  1. “Are you PMSing?”

Its just that you’re trying to get away with your vexatious comments by blaming it on our menses. Our tolerance to your exasperating comments has nothing to do with PMSing.

  1. “You should try losing a few pounds.”


Surely, obesity is another thing to get rid of, but don’t try to convince us that losing a few pounds will enhance our beauty or make us feel more confident. Our faith in ourselves and positivity do not get tampered with something as easy as our weight.

  1. “Don’t stay out so late!”

It’s 2019 and a fair time to stop commanding woman on the basis of orthodox social norms as to when to or when not to go out. Anyway, confining woman inside homes wouldn’t be the solution to all the problems. Let women have the liberty to decide their approach and outlook of life, without imposing anyone else’s expectations on them. 




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Ragini Juneja, our intern. Ragini is a student of law in Amity Law School, Delhi (Affiliated to IP University). She lays immense emphasis on awareness of one’s own rights and entitlements as a precondition for confidence, self-esteem and dignity. Her words strive to help women in unclasping their latent strengths which have been suppressed by male chauvinism.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor