Suicide is no more a crime, but it ain’t a solution!

“Section 309 ki validity khatam ho gai hai, ab toh mai bhi suicide attempt kar sakti hu”, I said to my best friend just to tease him because I know he gets irritated when I talk about dying. This time he said something which made me realize I really should get going and overcome this thing. goodbye He said, “Fine go and die, just do it today itself. I won’t stop you this time. I can live without you, but listen what about your parents who love you more than anyone else in this world? How will they feel when they get the news that you committed suicide? They would be shattered, won’t they? What about your close friends with whom you hang out always, they would miss you every time they go out, and they’ll surely cry for you. What about me I won’t be having anyone to share my problems with, to tell about my next crush, my low grades in test, my life would get screwed up seriously (after this sentence he nearly cried)”. I realized one thing that I have lots and lots of problems in life. Life isn’t smooth, it won’t be at least for now, but that doesn’t mean I should commit suicide leaving behind everything I had—my parents, my friends, my best friend .There’s an adage, “sun will definitely rise after the dark night”, and I just have to wait for that sun to rise in my life. I should just get going. We think we are ending all the pain and all the problems we are facing right now just by ending our life. We never think of our dear ones, who will be immensely affected by our death. Problems come and go, sometimes stay for long but they will vanish some day. We just have to wait for that day.

if i killed myself

So people, who think dying is the only solution, wait for the dark night to pass… Sun will shine soon…!           ——————-

About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Palak Jain.

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