Women, Rock The World!

Finally the day is here! All the emotional setbacks, all the drained out sensitivity and worn out feelings are now just a podium on which she stands up raising herself with a strong stand in the world! happy-ride She has now begun to walk with pride and she is making a change in the world which she wanted to see back then. It is not a necessity that women ought to shout out loud that “we are strong”, rather our actions are enough to show them that we are something that they don’t want us to be, we are something that they would never imagine us to be. So beware! It is not the time to just hide under the covers of innocence instead stand up “be a woman” and come out of the stereotypical mentalities of being “a man”. Raise your voice for being “a woman”! They say opposites attract; like magnets, they’re pulled from different places, ending up together. But we don’t need opposites or magnetic force. We’re on the same side, north or south. We don’t need to be pulled together. n-HAPPY-LIFE- We are the prettiest of human beings and we will flaunt our delicacies, our assets that we are blessed with. We would laugh our heart out in the middle of night breaking all the silences without hesitations and sing all the peppy songs without being scared that someone would misinterpret us and rape us. Yes, we would stand and leave back all those barricades of time! We are new! So grow up you guys out there! Male dominance is too mainstream. Come out of that! Don’t hide yourself under the tags of being a “man” and give the world those atrocities which they don’t deserve because if you give them this your existence would be a question mark in the next few decades!!         — About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Devika Sharma.

Respect Women

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