While these rape survivors share their attackers’ words, it surely breaks down the taboos of talking about sexual abuse. rape survivor   rape survivors rape It’s high time that we stop tagging the rape survivors as ‘victims’. They are not victims but fighters who fought back against injustice and have the guts to stand before millions of people and ask for their rights. I wonder, why rape is a taboo for the girl and not for that insane animal who actually did something filthy? What kind of humanity do we portray with this? I am utterly shameful to be a part of such society that has no sense of  right and wrong. Every time a rape case discloses, there are speculations about a girl’s character and the amazing experts of our society point down guidelines of dos and dont’s for girls as if it is the girl’s fault that a guy raped her. By rape, I not only mean the physical and sexual assault but the infinite mental and psychological trauma. A girl by any means puts her self-esteem at priority and when someone is robbed of this self-esteem, she in a constant battle with her instincts. The battle is of course made unbearable by the never ending derogatory remarks that people of our very society pose. Wake up people! You need to know that if you think a rape survivor is undeserving to be a part of this hypocritical society then you should be the first one to pack your bags and leave. A rape survivor does not need your sympathy; she is strong enough to fight on her own. Amazing is this country which sites examples of the greatness of goddesses and then rebukes the ladies. I am certainly shocked to know that at times, people pose derogatory questions and assume the girl of being low at morals. People, the real roots of such heinous acts are those people who forget humanity and think of women as sex objects, who are on this earth only to satisfy men’s needs. But just a quick reminder…If a women can bring you in this world and nurture you for who you are, she can certainly fight for her honor and get it back on whatever cost. She is women, a fighter, a survivor not a victim.      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Rachita Rajora, our intern.

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