PV Sindhu demands more Respect for Women

Ace Shuttler PV Sindhu said, “Women get lot of respect in other countries, but people don’t practise what they preach in India.”

In an event titled SH(OUT) – Sexual Harassment Out: We are listening, which was organised by Hyderabad police, Sindhu was invited. In that event she said that she feels really happy that a lot of respect is given to women in foreign countries but in India people say that they respect women but there a very few people who actually respect women. 

People in India only say it but they don’t practice it. She also said that everyone should respect each other and especially women. Women should themselves be really strong and believe that they can do anything. There are a lot of women who face sexual harassment in the physical or mental form.  

These women should come forward and speak of the harassment they have faced and should not be ashamed of what happened to them. The Me Too movement that has recently started has created a lot of awareness regarding sexual harassment of women at workplace.

This movement has educated both men and women towards their responsibilities in society. Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Police Commissioner said that the main reason for conducting this event was to spread the awareness to women working in all sectors on what exactly is sexual harassment and what steps have to be taken to prevent it.

There was a symposium which was conducted for explaining the various provisions that are given in the Act -Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act, 2013. The symposium also gave specific inputs regarding the roles and responsibilities of the organizations, functions of the internal committee and its constitution, reporting and redressal mechanism for women employees. 





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Aishwarya Seetharaman, our intern.