World Without ‘A WOMAN’. Is That Possible?

World Without ‘A WOMAN’. Is That Possible?

In India, female foeticide is a very big problem. And, I felt really bad knowing the fact, how much hatred/dislike is there for a girl child and the reason behind it is the extra care involved for safety, the extra money parents to spend to nurture them, the marry them and spend so much money for dowry. So, they prefer a boy child thinking that he can earn and give his income to his family.

But people now-a-days claim that girls can earn equal amount of money as guys can, girls can stand at equal position as guys. There are so many female entrepreneurs in this world, then why the difference? It’s not only in the rural areas where such thinking persists but this can also be seen in families where people are well educated and are pretty rich!

Guess those rich/poor people who believe in God have never literally believed in the saying ‘Ladkiyan bhagwan ka roop hoti hai’ [girl’s are god’s avatar] and ‘Ladkiyan ghar ki Lakshmi hoti hai’ [lakshmi is goddess of money and the according to a saying – girl’s are the success of a family in terms of happiness as well as in  financial terms]. Such people on one hand follow Lakshmi Mata [who is one of God’s avatars] or any god and on other side are against girl child. Why?


Such people are a big shame to this world. Killing a child? Where has your humanity lost? Such people do need a lot of courage to do such a crime; such people for sure are stone hearted. So what if a girl is born? Does having a child matters more or what the sex is? Does the love decreases if the child is a girl?

My uncle touches his girl child’s feet every morning before starting his day because his child is his world to him and he is thankful to have an avatar of God in form of his girl. Salute to those people who do not differentiate their child on the basis of the gender.

As happy as a daughter,

She got the love of the world she deserved.

From her first smile to her first tooth,

The happiness in family stayed forever.

Growing with his support,

She holds her father’s finger.

While learning to walk,

Her mother teaches her to speak.

As she grows, she knows about life,

Learning how to love, learning how to care,

The humanity she teaches, the God she prays,

She’s as pure as her mother always wished.

The teachings she got, the lessons she learnt,

She remembered all by heart to pass it to her child.

As happy as a mother, to be like her mother,

She wished to love her child more than her,

Teachings will be the same, lesson will be same,

So that the child grows as she is.

She struggled throughout that phase, to be safe,

Not for anyone but for the new one.

BUT, never knew this would happen,

Her expectations, her dreams, all shattered that moment,

The moment she became the murderer,

The moment she let that happen,

The moment she didn’t raise her voice,

And the moment she took all that pain.

She blamed her for all those moments,

Because the new born died much before her mother could open her eyes. 

Every brother wishes to have a sister in his life. Every sister wishes to have a brother in her life. And that’s a fact. Without a girl/woman, the world wouldn’t exist. Think about it. Can men give birth?

I heard daughters are more closer to their dads and sons are more are closer to their mothers. BUT in some families, male are the species responsible for killing a girl child. And all I ask is WHY?

How much pain does a female have to feel, leave her home while she gets married, give birth to a child, and if it’s a female, kill her, then again and then again. The weakness that her body feels as she grows old each day, the pain she suffers physically as well as emotionally, no one understands that.

strong woman

There’s a very beautiful saying: “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”– Margaret Thatcher





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Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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