“Women Only”: A Reservation or Discrimination?

‘WOMEN ONLY’ – Probably, one of the most prominent signs for a Metro traveler! Women coach in delhi metro When you travel in the Metro every day, you come across situations which range from horrific to downright hilarious. One such issue would definitely be the separate compartment for women. I wouldn’t deny that, when this was proposed, I found this idea to be wonderful. But this very idea is the cause for my anguish now. The other day, I was running late and happened to step into the ‘general’ compartment. Almost immediately I could feel nearly a 100 pair of eyes staring at me, so to say. This general compartment has now become what some might call ‘The Men’s compartment’, because frankly you rarely see a woman travelling alone in the said compartment. Statistics show that the number of women travelers is almost equal to that of the men, and yet for some crazy reason we are restricted to the one compartment next to the engine of every Metro. Are we animals? Do we exude something that makes us so irresistible that men can’t seem to control themselves? Why are we restricted to a certain sphere? Using the same analogy, should we segregate and create separate malls, offices, and flights for women? Is this what we want the future generations to learn? equal rights This kind of segregation doesn’t end here! To top it all off there are reserved seats in every compartment for women! Although it is an appreciative kind of reservation, very few women use it appropriately. Recently, I was travelling in the general compartment with a friend. Quite a crowded Metro it was! A lady, not more than 30 years of age very rudely asked a very exhausted man carrying what seemed to be a very heavy bag to get up. This lady very happily took up his seat when obviously he required it more! Women are given reservations so that they are not abused, touched or teased in the Metro. So these kinds of reservations are really needed. However, these reservations should be used appropriately and women should never take advantage of such reservations. We don’t need unnecessary perks just because we are girls.   STOP CRIBBING ABOUT BEING CALLED THE WEAKER SEX! WOMEN, YOU ARE MUCH MORE STRONGER THAN YOU COULD EVEN THINK! BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE! TAKE THE FIRST STEP, AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW!!!        


About the author: The article has been contributed by our intern,  Neha Sahgal. 

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