Women as travellers

Women as travellers

Living in this world, I wonder what it would be for a woman to survive as a traveller. May be travelling in dreams is the safest of all! No worry about their dress, strangers or anything, just an unpredictable and smooth journey, where a little jerk might end it all!

When looked at life in a different light, it seems to be a long journey and all humans, the travellers. Jokes apart, women can’t always travel safe over unknown roads. But those who travel with great passion to explore the dimension of their world are the richest, with the treasure of memories and experiences. May be women too can collect cherishing memories of travel and why not!

I asked my adventurous friend Prerna, who travelled alone to Goa about her views. She replied ‘the important thing is to trust your instincts and just be aware of your surroundings. One should not be scared of anything that is new and strange’. Now I shall include my own experience of travelling alone from Delhi to Lucknow and vice versa. It was alright. One must be alert and don’t trust anyone easily. Staying calm and cool helps too by giving a touch of experience and maturity.

Still my wonder grows and frequently the same question knocks my door. Are women really safe to travel a long distance all alone? Are there not scary men who enjoy indecent living and play the role of predators in society? Men, who can’t bear to see women moving out of their confinements and they claim themselves as sole kings of outside world, streets, marketplaces etc. Or is it some disbelief ingrained in my mind since I grew up. I was comforted by Prerna’s remark ‘while you may meet a few people who will see that you are vulnerable but not every person is just waiting to harm you’. It means that different people inhabit this planet and not all are dangerous.

Why some parents are shocked at knowing that their daughters like travelling. Why the delusion that some women can’t travel far away remaining safe, while all acceptable in the case of man. May be some questions don’t have answers or people don’t like answering them. Let me find out. When looked at ‘travelling’ precisely, it can be inferred that one has to face a lot of difficulties to adapt to the situations outside. Some comfort might be lost and obviously it won’t be similar to the cosiness of one’s home. Women have been debarred from this adventure as they’re seen as delicate, panicky and of course vulnerable. The gender stereotype has affected and infected some minds. Can we change it? May be yes, but we need to change all those people first who only know to harm women or gaze cannibalistically. Our parents want the best for us and have seen greater things of this world and gained numerous experiences. Their worrying is justifiable due to the addition of their love and care.

At the end, it’s better to conclude that travelling alone can be fun if only one is brave enough to fight the world and narrow worldly ways. Surely the taste of the fruit of such an endeavor would be sweeter and can be later shared with a bunch of friends. Sometime we need to escape from our speedy lives to spend few moments alone. Travelling is that amazing and refreshing task to enrich our souls with wonder and awe.





About the Author: This article is contributed by Anam Fatima, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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