When is the real Children’s Day?

When is the real Children’s Day?

It’s November. And the Universal Children’s Day falls on the 20th and India celebrates its kids on the 14th, commemorating the birthday of a legendary personality who valued and cherished children, the purest and genuine beings on earth. Familiar facts aside, the point is “what is the status of children today?” Has our society given the adequate care, deserved respect and basic rights to them? Are they really safe and sound when they conglomerate with the society? Though at the bottom of the heart everyone feel, hope and wish for them to be safe and secure, some revelations expose that they are not. The following disheartening headlines just give a microcosm of child abuse and hint an answer to the above questions: “Teacher arrested for raping six-year-old girl at Indian private school – the second such case in just ten days” “Child trafficking a $343 billion trade in India” “15-yr-old Calls Police to Stop Her Marriage” “Man kills newborn daughter”

These are just few samples of the horrific crimes against children and these reports are less than a month old. Though these news stories are recent, they are definitely not novel to be the headlines. And these are just few reported cases. The details of those obscure crimes against the innocent kids that are gone unreported and unrecorded remain far off from the lights of the world. But one thing is sure, behind each story there is so much agony and excruciating pain.

As a human being, the issue of child abuse is really pricking the conscience. A plethora of questions pop up in the mind. No doubt children are precious and no words can describe their preciousness. But, what has made adults to ignore their innocence and exploit them? Why are little children being frequently victimized? Why do matured brutes abuse immature kids? Why are children not treated like “children”? Just because they are vulnerable should they become preys of violence? With all these abusive treatments towards them, where are we heading? Are we degenerating as a whole? Shouldn’t India be safe at least for the little ones, if not for women? Every little child deserves the right to be protected. Don’t violate a child. Let’s shield the little ones. It’s a societal responsibility and each and every individual counts into the umbrella term “society”. Somewhere–as a parent, as a relative, as a neighbor, or as well wisher–our lives are intertwined with the kids and their safety should be our priority. Moreover, it is our responsibility to teach them that human beings are different from beasts. So let not our brutal acts cloud their eyes and disable them from bifurcating human beings and animals. Let’s make them believe in humanity. Let’s stand up for children’s rights and fight against Child Abuse.

Many awarene;ss campaigns against child abuse have mushroomed. The Indian government has very recently issued a ban on porn sites especially the child pornography oriented ones. Despite the challenges involved, the first step is taken. Offenders of child abuse are taken to task. Reading such headlines occasionally provokes an optimistic thought that the future wouldn’t be that bleak. Here are a few such recent headlines: “12th grader launches campaign on Facebook, Twitter” (against child sexual abuse) “Government asks internet service companies to block pornography sites…” “Cops bust child trafficking network” So, it’s time to answer the titular question, “When is the real Children’s Day?”. If we adults could not give them a safe ambience to thrive everyday what’s the point in wishing them happiness on “Children’s Day”? Giving them a secure environment each and every day will mark the real Children’s Day, which will last for 365 days a year. Wish for a happy and secure Children’s Day, to all the cute little innocent kids, all round the year.

Let’s make their childhood days carefree!

Let’s make their safety our priority!

Let’s instill in them the faith over humanity!

—————- About the Author: This article is contributed by Gayathri DeviGayathri has completed her M.Phil. in English Literature from Tamilnadu. Literature instilled her in the thoughts of feminism. And gradually, she was attracted towards this concept and she says it has changed many of her perspectives towards our community & that is how she landed to Respect Women.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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