The unwed mother

The unwed mother

The love of my life promised me

Nothing could bring us apart.

Believing in him and my love

I  gave away everything along my heart!

What we had was physical for him

But for me it was serene

But my belief shattered

As he did what I couldn’t even dream!

He left me and symbol of our love,

And carried on with his life.

But I couldn’t punish the baby for him

So I decided to be a mother before a wife.

In no way, does this seems like a problem to me

For me everything is nice.

But the society seems to have a problem with this

They don’t think like wise!

For them I am nothing more than a slut

And my baby is just a mistake.

If we are happy the way things are

Then what’s there problem for Christ’s sake?

That guy did what he had to do

Yet for him no questions and no blames

Then why to prove my purity

I shall testify through flames?

Just answer one question and then decide

Which among the two is better?

Killing someone who is not at fault

Or being an Unwed mother?

For those who don’t get it still

I have nothing more to say!

This slut and her mistake don’t need your views

They are happy and complete in their way!

———— About the Author: This article is contributed by Ashwarya Bhardwaj, our intern. Ashwarya is an Economics Hons. Student form I.P College for Women, Delhi university. For her, words are her weapon to fight against the evils and her writing is a medium to pour her heart out on issues of concern. She is a firm believer of girl power and is contributing her bit to empower it.”

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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