The Small Boob Life!

The Small Boob Life!

Like everything else, being a girl with small boobs comes with its share of advantages and challenges.

1. Bra Shopping makes you a saint Going bra shopping when you have small boobs is a nightmare. If it’s not finding a bra that turns your non-existent cleavage into reality, then it’s the annoyingly perky,persistent employee at the lingerie store who believes she knows the size and shape of your boobs like she was there through all the (non-existent) growth spurts. She constantly tries to convince you that a B cup bra will “snugly fit” your A cup boobs. She may also – just to prove herself right – accompany you to the changing room. After carefully scrutinizing your half naked, boob-less upper body, grin sheepishly and say “actually madam, you’re right, very small your boobs are”.  Thank you kind woman, if you hadn’t told me, I would’ve never guessed!

2. A Lingerie shop is somewhat of a holiday destination It’s like the expensive trip you take once in five years because it not only burns a hole in your pocket, but sometimes you just don’t need it. Why? Considering the fact that our boobs are pretty much the same size as they were in the eighth grade, we never have to worry about unnecessary expenditure on bras or trips to the lingerie shop.  While all our friends are out purchasing bras because they have outgrown their existing ones, we can afford to spend more money on other things- like that double cheese burger, in hopes that the cheese goes right down to the breasts.

3. You dread summers… To beat the Indian heat, we all look forward to a cooling dip in the swimming pool. But first, we need to own a swim suit. Going swimsuit shopping when you are a woman with small boobs is a daunting task.  The male store keeper will pull out swim suit after swim suit and you have no idea how to tell him that “Bhaiya, yeh cup mere liyebadahai” without making the situation awkward. Even if you somehow manage to convey the message, his only solution will be to show you swim suits for girls aged twelve and below.

  4. East Asian countries are perpetually on your To Visit list In India, a majority of women are heavily gifted in the “boobs” department. Therefore, by the principle of demand and supply, it is only natural that bigger bras will be more readily available in our country. However a sisterhood of small boobs runs in countries like China and Japan. It is thus, a Disney land of bras for us not so gifted Indian “small timers”. A trip to one of these countries every couple of years (since it’s very rare that we outgrow our bras) will ensure that our tiny breasts actually get to touch the pad they are covered by, rather than being miles away from them.

5. Nobody stares at your breasts in public

Nobody, nobody stares at your boobs in public. You will also probably never get to use the phrase “My eyes are up here!” apart from the obvious plus point of not being leeched at during important discussions. Of course, we still find a few who intently stare at our general chest area, but they soon give up – probably because they can never find them.

6. You know you have found true love Remember how the boy in movies falls for the girl with the beautiful breasts and the curvy figure? Well the big boob is not the reason for love is happening in our lives. So, you know a boy loves you for you when you have small boobs because, let’s face it, what you lack in your asset department you are making it up in the brain and personality department. A man (or woman) who loves you, probably really does love you for the person you are and not the size of your cups.


About the Author: This article is contributed by Aashna Banerjee, our Intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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