The Hopeless Bleak Road of Prostitution

The Hopeless Bleak Road of Prostitution

A prostitute is impure and can’t even be seen as a normal person in our so called perfect society. But the hundreds of men who go to the brothel and have intercourse with prostitutes and satisfy their sexual needs, what about those men?

These people live a perfectly normal life but on whose cost, they live this perfectly normal life on the cost of these sex workers. Prostitution is not an alien concept, it exists in society from ages. The names used are different from Nagar Vadhu, Dev dasi to Randi to escort to sluts, so on and forth.

Women working in these brothels have their own reason for doing this work. Most of these females don’t have a choice as even if they wish to stop working, will the society accept them and will they ever be able to lead a dignified life.

A woman is always defined by her body. The way she looks matters more than her qualification, her character is defined by the length of her clothes. But a woman is more than her body.

Women working in brothels are compelled to do the work they do but they are more than that work, they have a personal life, interests, hobbies, dreams and children. They are more than their body, stop judging them by the work they do.

Have you ever thought about the life of a prostitute’s child? Does he/she have any other option, can he/she go to school? What about their mental health, they see their mother getting handed roughly each and every day. Can anyone imagine plight of such a mother and child. Judging and shaming is convenient.

They are giving their sound normal life so that this society can function normally because men’s lust can’t be satisfied by the normal woman. These prostitutes are maintaining balance and in a way protecting the dignity of perfectly normal female.

Did anyone ever think that if prostitution is something the society doesn’t want then why do prostitutes still exist? They exist because they have customers, customers who belong to every religion, class and caste. Still we blame them! Just think about who is to be blamed for the existence of prostitution, prostitutes or their customers. Our society has a very few numbers of male prostitutes. Female prostitutes are exploited for sex but normal females can’t have sex with male prostitutes, as few exist. Women are denied equality here as well.

Sex is meant for creation, not for recreation but prostitution is a social ill perpetuated by people with insatiable lust of sex and money. Every society becomes conscious to fix its evil but quite bizarrely this wrong is inflicted and adopted and liked and recognized but let with no remedial steps.





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Prakriti Pandia, our intern.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor