The 8 Types Of Ex Boyfriends Every Girl Has Dealt With!

The 8 Types Of Ex Boyfriends Every Girl Has Dealt With!
  1. The One Whom You Are Still Friends With

This type is rarest among all other types of exes you have ever had and the best too. You have the “no hard feelings” break-up with him and hang out with him for no reason at all. He’s like a best friend and yet far from a brother and is worth a treasure. RW suggests: Keep this one close but always keep in mind the differences which led to your break up. If you fail to do this, you guys will become one of those on-off couple who mostly waste their time and energy over insignificant feelings.

2. The One Whose Death You Plot This is the one who not only irritates you as a boyfriend, but makes your life a hell even afterwards. This is the one whose face you want to spit on and suing him for life is your only goal, as he goes about talking shit about you and comes out with disastrously revengeful ideas every now and then. RW suggests: Call 1-0-0.

      3.  The One Whom You Dumped And Now Regret This is the type whom who let go because of some differences, but regret doing so. You keep a timely check on his last seen and keep liking every second update on his various profiles, in hope to remind him of your existence and the old times. RW suggests: Be a sport and talk to this one. If something were to happen, don’t let your silence steal that away from you. Even if he has moved on from you, just letting him know about your haunting feelings will make all the difference for you.

     4.   The One Who Apparently Can’t Live Without You This type is the most unwelcoming for a girl. He will stalk you over social networking sites and in real in hope of listening from you. He sends you gifts, apologise over and over again and the worst, sends you cheesy texts atleast 20 times a day. RW suggests: Think smart in making a decision for this one’s fate. It’s either do or die. Use your cleverness to judge if this one’s feelings are genuine or not. There is no harm in giving one chance to him if you want to. But if you think he’s just faking it to break up again, don’t give a damn

5.  The One Who Makes It Far Too Complicated This one likes to dump-date-dump-date and dump-date. Your life is at peace as long as you have not come across one of these, because in most cases it’s a waste of time. RW suggests: Be smart enough to judge a guy while you’re with him rather than trying to give him one last chance over and over again. Give just one chance if need may arise, and it’s just about enough for you two.

       6.    The One Who Where It Was Wrong From The Start This is the one whom you started dating at the first place for having some fun. You party out with this one, go to hundreds of concerts and movies, and come way too soon to a point where “you need to talk”. It’s simple and cool with this type of an ex where you have no feelings attached. RW suggests: Way To Go Girl!

     7.  The One Whom The Shots Make You Miss This type of an ex is the result of a disastrously one sided relationship. You fall for this one way too badly but get nothing but loads of tears in return. Even if you have moved on for family and friends’ sake, you secretly still wish to revert back to atleast being friends. RW suggests: Moving on is the ideal way of overcoming such a relationship as it was built on nothing but conked up promises.

8. The One Whom You’ll Marry If You’re Single By 40 This one is that sweet escape of yours from the harsh fear of never finding a perfect match. This one you want to keep around even if you don’t chat or hang out every now and then. RW suggests: A very healthy practice indeed if he feels the same way for you.


About the Author: This article is contributed by Bhavya Poddar, our Intern.

Ishita Kapoor

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