Rape. Female Genital Mutilation. Gender Inequality. But Why Just Women?

Rape, a word which is a taboo, usually is considered to be a taboo for a woman, but on the other hand it has no strong meaning in a man’s dictionary.


When a rapist can go around the world with all the freedom in the world, a woman who might have been a rape victim does not have the same freedom that he enjoys.

Sexual assault, which is a major issue in the current trending setting, people of both the sexes are blamed, but the blame is more on a woman. If a woman is raped during mid night, the first question that pop ups in our mind is what was that woman doing in the mid night outside her home, but we hardly care about the man who was wandering outside his home at mid night.

Since, there is no problem for a man when h commits rape, he is less considered in the context. But, when a woman is a rape victim, she has to suffer physical wounds and also mental stress. She has to go through a long process of recovery, once she gets exposed to rape. While some bear the pain in silence, some kill themselves. Only a few raise their voice against this serious issue, but still they are blamed ultimately.

This could be related to a practice in Somalia and Egypt where girls of backward communities have to undergo clitoral mutilation. The main intention of this practice is to protect the virginity of the girl. They seal the vagina, so that the girl would have any chances of being raped.

This simply raises the question: Do women really deserve this pain, while some brutal creatures are lusting over them?



About the author: This article is written by our intern, Sherly Hephzibah.

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