Men Of Reddit Reveal What They Want Women To Know About Them

Men Of Reddit Reveal What They Want Women To Know About Them

1. “That weird crease in my jeans is not a boner, our pants just do that!”

2. “If we are in a relationship and you are being flirty all day, don’t be surprised when I’m horny when we are alone. Seriously, don’t play the “turn him on, leave him on” game.”

3. “You can’t pause an online game.”

4. “I don’t have a clue. Seriously not a single one. If you want me to know something you better just tell me because I’m not gunna get it otherwise.”

5. “Women use the word “cute” so often I have no idea what it means anymore.”

6. “Unlike women, men don’t get 90% mutual matches on dating apps.”

7. “We won’t always make the first move.”

8. “It is almost impossible for me to say “I love you.” It baffles me that my countless actions don’t tell you, I love you.”

9. “Don’t run away during/after an argument and expect a guy to run after you and try to ‘get you back’.”
-Saf3 900

10. “Running your hand through my hair, scratching my head, and messing with my hair in almost any way feels fantastic for me too.”

11. “Just because I smile at you in passing or if we somehow make eye contact, does not mean I am being creepy and want to bang you.”

12. “My failure to compliment your outfit, hair, or makeup is not malicious. It’s not because I take you for granted.”

13. “We don’t spread our legs out to be ass holes. We do it so our balls are not squeezed to death by our legs.”

14. “I’m not fashionable. Do not ask me about accessorizing.”

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor