Problems That Village Women Face And Their Possible Solutions

Women of today have been developing in various aspects.

Along with that another fact to be agreed is the current status of village women. Even though the government has been stating many laws and taking many welfare measures to bring village women forward, they are still lagging behind. There are around 50+ laws have been framed only for women. The question is “DO WOMEN REALLY MAKE — USE OF THOSE LAWS”? Making the frame so clear, the question must be like “ARE THEY EVEN AWARE OF LAWS”? The crisp reply is simply a big no.

Women in cities needn’t be included in this aspect. Around 70% of them aren’t abused much as village women. Education and job are their main assets and of course their safety weapons too. Many attempts are being made by officials and city people to help them. But many times the women go back to the drawing board again. So what can be done? First let me describe a few problems (of course there are many, but for now) and a few solutions for them .


Knowingly or unknowingly, women have been made to abide by the rules which men enforce on them. Uneducated, living in the border line of poverty and still underlying facts make women helpless. Sexual harassment is being followed in many villages as a regular practice. May be the men who force women may never realize that it is a wrong act neither the women there have the guts to object it.


The one and only solution is conducting awareness camps in many villages and making women know their rights. Lack of assurance may be one issue why our village women panic for anything and everything. Right to oppose issues arises only out of their own confidence. Once they get the courage the situation may improve.


Village women must have bangles in hand and sindhoor in their head. If they forget it even for a day, their situation worsens. Imagine what happens if they lose it forever. Literally speaking if their protection barrier loosens a bit, they are like being-easily-accessible. They may be brave enough to tackle all sorts of physical tortures….but what will happen to their dignity? Having left abandoned, their self respect is too at stake.


On surfing the internet, I just came across many women welfare organizations. Giving awareness is not at all possible here. May be, the women may be permitted to live there for a certain period of time and learn something productive. This will surely help them in future and will help them regain their lost/new self confidence. After all, getting a new atmosphere recharges them totally and makes them partially forget their wounds and sorrows.


The main reason why it has been brought as the last problem is if this hadn’t been refused, women would have been on an entirely different level. With broadened visions and good thoughts men wouldn’t have thought about sexual harassment and widows torture. The harsh truth is lack of education has made the village women nothing more than a slave. Accept men’s thoughts, go by their instructions, end up in trouble. This situation happens mostly and hence women are the ones who feel extreme trauma.


As a silver lining, nowadays this matter is getting importance. Within a short span of time, women will get educated more than men. Yeah, it may occur. Getting education is alone not enough. Implementing it and making the most use of it helps other women. With a degree and a job she reaches the heights which she had dreamt about.

Finally, it is not just the men who suppress her, other women and more importantly the society. Let her rise despite her drawbacks. Her life has the right to paint itself with a multi colored palette. Wishing her a great life ahead.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Aditi Nathour intern.

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