Pink Shoes and Black Laces-Things Need to Change!

“OMG! She is such a slut! She hangs out with boys. Oh! She smokes. How can a girl smoke? Disgraceful! If she roams around at night she is not a ‘good’ girl”.  To all those people who think so, let me remind you, well behaved women seldom make history. People say feminism is not about giving more importance to women it’s about egalitarianism. I prefer to differ. feminism I believe, women should be given special privileges to counteract all the trauma of the patriarchal society in the past. They were never given the respect that they deserved. Mathematically, -2+2=0. We have to do something right in order to make up for the things done that were not so right. Once this is achieved, our society can think about egalitarianism wherein men and women are treated equally. In order to erase the patriarchy that was once prevalent in our country we need to have a matriarchal society so that women get equal rights. According to the Bhagavad Gita, women and lower castes are impure and in order to purify themselves they should read the Bhagavad Gita. WTH? How can this message be propagated amongst masses? Little boys who grow up reading this, would obviously rape. They would believe that they are superior to women and do not need her consent before touching her body. They should realize that real men don’t touch women without their consent and should think a thousand times before committing such heinous crimes. Men have to start respecting women and treat them as equals and stop being male chauvinists. The recent documentary “India’s Daughter”, in which the convict says “women should not try to stop the rape or the rapist would have no option but he would have to kill her”, has infuriated every Indian. The statement is horrendous and the whole nation wants justice to prevail. All of us wish that he also goes through the same amount of pain that he inflicted on her. Not equal, but even worse. His head should be chopped off in a guillotine. We have to put an end to all this. It has to start now! It has to start within us! The fire should not die. It has only just begun. Remember, no matter what life gives you, never give up. We have to make ourselves strong to strengthen the nation. women are not a commodity If one segment of the society is neglected how can the nation prosper? I think it’s a question that all of us have to ask ourselves. Be independent, fall in love with yourself, make others fall in love with you, travel, eat, meet new people, explore horizons and the world will fall at your feet. Don’t listen to anyone who says, “don’t do it because you’re a girl.” Turn around and tell them you would do it because you’re a girl.      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Prerna Bhatnagar, our intern.

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