India’s Daughter: Where are the Ethics of Journalism?

Woman Ethics…Remorse…Condemn…are handful of words that every Indian on streets use to describe the anguish over everyday rapes in our country. I am sure you are not new to it either. Maybe more words have been added to the synonyms list than those I have mentioned. Period. Think over this : what have you done to prevent this in your home, your colony and your workplaces? Tonight, the prominent news channel conducted a debate on the much viral video, that probably went viral, on the 2012 gang rape accused who blatantly blamed the victim for not allowing herself to be submissive when the men took turns to rape her repeatedly. Should we allow this mentality to become a trend in a country that is on the roll for becoming a developed nation in next 10 years? The accused clearly does not deserve the courtesy of the judiciary on the basis of the Verma Committees’ recommendations in turning his death penalty to a life sentence. The verdict turned from a game changer to ‘ another weak verdict’ and the protest to a ‘ mere roadshow’ that was once a regular feature in Bollywood movies. NirbhayaI am not new to the challenges of living alone in the city. Certainly ,the video caused anguish to many and soon made it’s way to the most trending topic on social networking sites. The sheer publicity on social media and Indian media has sadly degraded the news value especially on selection of sensitive issues like crimes against women. However, the much perceived shame lies evidently in the outsourcing of the burden of shame , for the exchange of readership and the circulation statistics where journalistic ethics must be upheld to safeguard right of men and women in the society. Also, the outlook of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting needs a grave review on its policies on  following trends initiated by foreign media. The telecast of such prominently shameful incidents should be stopped from becoming tools of publicity. As some incidents should be preserved as epitomes of change rather than the next lifestyle habit.    


About the Author: This article is contributed by Shilpy Sharan, our intern.


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