Periods are normal, unlike your opinions

Periods are normal, unlike your opinions

It’s almost 21st century and we Indians are still stuck on the notion that ‘period blood’ is impure. Women who are on their period are not allowed in the kitchen, temple and other sacred places. They still have to go through words like “Don’t touch the pickle.” We Indians are progressing on a global level but the progress that is being made is very shallow. I am saying this because giving the world the best doctors, engineers and armies is not enough if we still do not know how to respect women.  It’s like we Indians are looking for a way to impose restrictions on our women, in the name of menstruation. “She should not wear this. She should not go here. She should eat this. She should not be out so late. She should drink at parties. She should not have male friends. She should get married asap.” Aren’t we all tired of this? I am. And I am sure that a number of women globally are because we can see it. It’s like women throughout the world are rebelling against these terribly demeaning notions against women which only hamper their growth. Elone, a young woman from Germany has been trying to bring about the much needed change throughout the world with the help of an astounding medium which speaks for itself. She has been using sanitary pads to print messages on them about sexism, misogyny, sexual harassment and has been posting these pads everywhere on the streets of Germany. There is not one single message that she is trying to convey with her act. But she is trying to break the taboo and address every issue which follows it. If we can draw one particular message out of these pads, it would be “Respect Women.”  Respect women for being how powerful they are, respect women for being mothers, daughters, wives, friends, mentors, respect women because everyone knows that they deserve it, respect women because we as human beings, have a right to live with dignity and security in a manner which does not hamper our growth in any aspect whether its physical, mental or social.

Now, we Indians consider menstruation a taboo and thus we, more than any other country need to bring this message to India. A group of students from Jamia Milia Islamia, a central university situated in the capital city of India have brought the message home. They have been sticking pads all over their campus with messages like-

 “Period blood is not impure, your thoughts are.”

“Menstruation is natural. Rape is not.”

“ Kanya Kumari. Gandi Soch tumhari.”

This group of students has taken the initiate considering the fact that in India, people are so disgusted by pads and periods that if the message is conveyed through them, it’d be thought provoking. And it is. I hope that at least now, we as Indians (and I am talking about both the genders) should drop out regressive views. And we must try to accept and comprehend that things like ‘period blood’ is perfectly normal and restricting women on the basis of such things just showcases that we haven’t really grown as a nation because the growth only happens when all sections of a society are dealt like equals, given same respect and opportunities. I, on behalf of the whole Respect Women team and women community is extremely grateful to these students who brought Elone’s message to India and I hope that it is successful in bringing about the change. Watch this video wherein Elonë Kastratia in Germany — the founder of #PadsAgainstSexism Campaign thanks the students of Jamia Millia Islamia for spreading this message. 



About the Author: This article is contributed by Rashmi Bagri, our intern.

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Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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