5 Things Men Should Know About Periods

5 Things Men Should Know About Periods

‘Aunty Flow’ is here again this month. Again she is feeling so groggy due to pre-menstruation syndrome (PMS) and her mood swings are giving him a tough time. She craves for pizza though she hates cheese, she cries on missing her favorite show and she shouts at him for being late. Soon the effects starts showing on her skin as tiny acne and her stomach get those tickling cramps. Finally, ‘her periods’ commence….. Well this is how the menstruation cycle arrives as a monthly visitor in the life of a woman which leaves a man infuriated and perplexed.

During that one week or so men finds it difficult to pamper and cater to the needs of their beloved but it’s not a cake walk for them either, it’s something beyond their control. So what should be done to deal with this? The answer lies in knowledge, the more you will know about her periods, less it will haunt you.

Become a companion in her biological days; read on to explore more-

1) What’s cooking behind? 

Men must understand the fact that menstruation is a cycle that affects the whole body of a woman and is not only centered with her uterus in focus for her whole body comes in action She will have acne, stomach ache, nausea, weight gain all at the same time. Your lovely fertile beloved undergo various hormonal changes which is inclusive of her mood swings which will hit her at its zenith and nadir.

2) Let’s start preparing-

The reproductive goddess has to fix copious of stuff before the cycles start. From purchasing sanitary napkins (men consider them as a woman’s mate which comes in pink or purple beautiful box) to covering their undies with the largest pad at night; from bearing the disgusting slimy and messy stuff constantly coming out to consuming stomach ache drug, a woman has to manage it all till her cycles end.

3) Menstrual Sex- Yes or No?

Now this comes with a caution-Practice at your own risk. Though her cycles don’t come with an attached tag of “no sex during my days” but she should be given the freedom to decide keeping in view her fickle mood swings. As long as safe sex is adopted during her days or if menstrual sex doesn’t pose a risk on her body then its fine to go ahead with it.

4) Unwanted guest coming soon-

Assuming that all men must have not paid heed to the paradigm of menstruation cycles but a nexus runs behind it-women do not have exact 28 days cycle but it varies between 21-35 days and whether or not a woman falls within a 28 day cycle doesn’t necessarily represent overall health. While the pre menstruation syndrome act as a friendly reminder that the unwanted guest is about to arrive, men must remember that she will get her period after every 28 days. Also, till she reaches her menopause she will have her biological days in action.

5)   Let’s not talk about it-*Shy*

Women are too shy to talk about menstruation as they are quite reluctant to share their bodily stories and hormonal rage. They would keep it as a deep dark secret, considering it as a topic of shame which will spill the beans about their ‘hush-hush’ days. And if you will get this topic on the table, she will turn pink acting like an innocent baby with an “I don’t know about it” expression.





About the Author: This article is contributed by Vanshika, our Intern. Vanshika is pursuing her graduation in economics from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University. She is a feminist at heart who wants to make a difference in the way this world perceives women. An avid writer who also does theatre, she really wants to reach to the masses and stand up for what she believes in- WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita Kapoor

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