Mother’s Day Contest: Beta, khana kha liya kya?

Hitlist: Favorite questions asked by mothers to their so-called ‘never-grown up kids’ #YourHomemaker Mother’s Day is right here! And it’s just the right time when you can finally tell her how much she means to you. For the sake of the unbearable pain she endures, for the sake of the yummiest food she cooks, for the sake of those sleepless nights she dedicates to you, for the sake of the selfless love she showers on you, for all of this and much more – she deserves a hug, a kiss and your smile not just today but always. We might always think that we’ve grown up but for her we’re still and always be her little innocent kid. Her caring questions might make us feel agitated but she is expressing nothing more than her pious love for us. This Mother’s Day, RespectWomen in association with, ran a contest on FabFurnish’s Facebook channel and made a small effort to celebrate the aura of the epitome of love. We raised a question to all those who feel pestered by their mothers’ questions that didn’t change with time however old they’ve grown-up. Like: Beta, khana kha lia? Laugh out loud as you go through our ‘Hitlist’ comprising of the funniest dialogues that we came across: Mother's-day Rolling on the floor laughing? Burst into happy tears as you go through the countless witty entries here. Last but not the least, take some time out of your busy schedule to simply express that she’s the best person in this whole wide world.      


About the Author: This article is contributed by Joshua Moses, our intern

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