“Love me or hate me, I’m still gonna shine”

Rare race, we girls are! You may think we are just petite, but actually we are precious. Do you know why diamonds are a girl’s best friend? It’s because we are diamonds as well. Yes, we are those rare diamonds! No one here can stop us from shinning. You can put us in any situation, we will still gleam. It’s your misconception that if you neglect us we will lose our confidence. Please, try to understand the fact that our confidence is way beyond your imagination and we can survive any storm.Go Shine Girl! If you had thought that I will be depressed because everyone hates me or that I will curse myself because you people don’t like me, I’m really sorry to refute. Nothing of this sort will ever happen. Even if everyone hates me, I won’t give a damn about it. I don’t value you so much that your hatred can break me. You can love me as I come or watch me as I go. Being lady is an attitude, I don’t care what you think about me or whether you love me or hate me. I am not all concerned with all these. I will walk with pride, with my head held high, because “honey, I have got heels higher than your standards”. You are free to think anything and form any opinion about me. That will surely not come in my way because I have a strong head and a stronger personality. If you love me it will be your good luck because you will get to know the best of me and you will be privileged to have me. If you hate me, even then it will be your luck, but this time it will be your ‘bad’ luck. They say, “Elephant keeps walking, while the dogs keep barking”. So, I really don’t care about your hatred towards me. I am a lady with an attitude; I will never let my crown fall. I’ll walk with pride and you can keep cribbing behind my back because your place is ‘behind’ me only.    


About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Ruchi Sarin.

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