I’ve got the guts and the strength!

A dainty damsel, she was! One clear night, suddenly, reality hit her hard in the form of memory and grabbed her peace, mirth and strength. What was it in her mind? What was the reality that hit her that night that she could not sleep for days? Was it that bad? Why didn’t anybody try to make her understand that there is no power in this whole wide world than her own which can put her down, and that she just needs to wear a smile on her face and walk without looking back? move on Unfortunately, she became the hostage of silence and darkness. Yet, she was trying to bring the best out of her in those silent moments. Sometimes music soothed her but she was turning into a terrible insomniac as her sleep was fading away gradually. She craved to be drawn to the back of those mountains, where she was a girl of high spirits before she encountered the dark moments of harassment.  She felt that every time she looked back, those excruciating moments will always be there and that every time she reminiscences it she will be stabbing a part of herself. Amidst all these internal battles she managed to deceive her dear ones by faking a smile and pretending to be chirpy. get the guts Later, she realized that if she had so much will power to bluff the world that she is happy, she really deserves something better than a pretentious life. So she became a determined girl and tried to spring back enthusiastically; she strived hard and battled with herself. She sowed the seeds of positivity, into her mind and all around her, dreaming to get back her blissful life. She assured herself saying, “People will love me if I love myself first. I’m the ‘morning angel’ with that pretty smile on my face. I need to believe in myself! I have to move on but never should I look back; because every time I turn back, the violent path I’ve travelled would remind me of the worst days of my life. I’ve got the guts and the strength! I can get over this soon!” Someday, all her efforts will prove fruitful. She will liberate herself and evolve as a strong woman.    

  About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Devika Sharma.  


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